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i also promised some pics of cuteness so why don't i get on that while i'm here?

here's willa showing us buster's various parts:

more pics of toddlers and also a cat )
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alright, it's time to talk about work. you know, the thing i'm not doing?

it felt right to focus on being physically prepared for the coming birth for a while. but now we have all the things we're supposed to need and most necessary accommodations are made and oh, yeah, i start work on wednesday night.

hahahahahaha wednesday.

the thing about my job at the church is that i am not employed for the months of july and august. and i always end up with a little work to do in august anyway and i don't mind because june is really light.

so once again it's the end of august and i have not done the calm, thoughtful planning that i fully intended to do over the summer. wednesday night is my first rehearsal and i don't know what music we'll be singing, whether i'll have anything close to full attendance, etc. i also have a substitute lined up for my leave but she'll need actual plans from me about what music to work on when, etc.

i still need to do really basic things like look over my review from last year and make sure i remember everything i'm supposed to be working on this year. and put away the music we used at the end of last year. all the practical, boring things.

i feel completely out of it. at least i managed to schedule this rehearsal that's coming up in two days. i did that one thing which now forces my hand on all these other things. but it's time to really lay out what all those other things are. which means... more lists!

omg it's another list )

principally, though, i just need to stop acting like i'm not about to be back at work. like i'm not really technically already working. i like this job and most of the people involved in it. i don't want to leave them in the lurch when my leave starts and i also very much do not want to feel like there is more that i need to be doing once that baby is here.

so. there will have to be still more lists soon, as i integrate this and my other tasks. sighghhh. it never ends.
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last night we ran into a family from willa's daycare and ended up eating dinner with them (which is this weird kind of thing that happens now that we're in a parent coop daycare in our neighborhood - we see people we know all the time). they have a daughter a few months older than willa and now also a three month old. at one point when i had tuned out of the conversation and then back in, the mother was describing a sleep pattern that i was kind of happy to hear about, it was so similar to willa's and i'm used to willa having the worst sleep around. only later did i realize that she was describing her newborn's sleep, not her toddler's. sigh.

which is to say willa woke twice in the three o'clock hour last night and i'm tired.

i've been kind of addicted to looking at willa's old daily photo tumblr lately. partly because holy crap we're about to have another little one like that and partly because she is just the cutest thing that ever happened to the world. we're going to start the tumblr up again for baby 2, in case anyone's interested - peanuts among us.

so, project life makeover has gone pretty well, all in all. there is a major exception: work. i'll get to that shortly. but here's a run down of what i did last week and what from that list is left to do:

lists )

that's a lot i've been getting done, which feels pretty great. the question i keep trying to ask myself is, 'what if rachael went into labor right now?' which is the key question and that will be what generates this week's lists.

the house has been in really good shape but it got away from me a little over the weekend. that happens on weekends and it is endlessly frustrating to me. disrupt my routines just a little and i pretty much fall apart. but i'll take the time this morning to put things back to rights.

ok, so, 'what if rachael went into labor right now?' - these are the things i would wish i had aleady done:
more lists )

it' crazy to be feeling mostly ready when a couple weeks ago i didn't feel ready at all. it's also great.

maybe work shit needs its own post. also there will be some photos of willa coming up, because she is at an incredibly adorable place right now, and it needs sharing.
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my check in with myself is in here. once again: i cannot get much of anything done when willa is home with me. except for playing with her, which is great. here are some pics of that:


pushing baby silo (name - by her - after a gay penguin) in the swing).


snacking on some grapes.


on the slides!

list and lists and lists )
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ok, so here is where i decide which things to do on which days. first, i need to do my daily house maintenace/cleanup. i'm curious to know how long it takes, now that the house is in decent shape. i'm timing myself. starting... now...

ok. 29 minutes. kitchen took up most of that. willa wasn't into her cereal this morning and dumped the whole bowl on the floor. toddler!

lists for the week )
omg so much to do today. and it's already 12:30. ahahahaha. off to get soup ingredients. bye.
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i am currently pretending i can't see my cat in the window, obviously wanting to come in the house. he was bugging the crap out of me before i let him out. poor buster. he cannot help himself. BUT HE DRIVES ME CRAZY.


bulleted lists follow, but my summary of last week is that is was very successful. perhaps my life is not entirely made over (as we all believed it would be, no doubt) but i have achieved enough progress that i no longer feel quite so panicked. the house, especially is in much better shape. though it is a CONSTANT BATTLE. hence, this does not mean i can fuck off and stop my diligent efforts. so now, more lists.

as should surprise exactly no one, i got my period yesterday. so my insane urges to clean clean clean coincided with pms? crazy! :) the challenge now is not to lose that fervor while i'm crampy and exhausted. like, really, so tired. so, so tired. i really really really x 1,000 need to work on getting to bed earlier. if not, i don't see how i'll even manage to stay awake through rachael's labor.

some high points since i last checked in: (this includes adorable pictures of adorable children, in case that is more interesting to you than massive to do lists) )

so now i need to figure out which things to do on which days and what i'm doing today. that will be a separate post. and then i need to do those things.

oh, wow. this is relevant to nothing but i just opened FB and there's a post from the baby-birth-parenting place that's near us where i have gone for a million kids of help. we went to this nurse-in time thing they had on saturday where people gathered there then walked over to an ice cream place and all nursing moms got an ice cream. very sweet. but holy moly, there is my boob on facebook. i was not expecting that.
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also with pictures )

on the up side, the house is still as clean as it was on monday. which is a NEW RULE: i cannot go to bed until the house looks at least as good as it did on monday, ideally better.

on the very down side, i went to bed at 1 am. cleaning at willa's daycare meant i was occupied pretty much from rachael leaving in the morning until i left willa's room at almost 10 pm. winding down/cleaning up took way longer than i would have liked. then willa woke at 4:30. i have not had enough sleep. i feel like ass. i just had a large cup of coffee but it felt like nothing. except to my stomach which is not in good shape. blerrrrrg.
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with pictures )

also today i need to figure out a gift for rachael. i want it to be something to make her feel loved and appreciated, a little thank you for the work she's doing for the family. i would looooove ideas is anything occurs to anyone.

check in

Aug. 13th, 2013 01:37 pm
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i'm still on task. but i'm so on task that i don't have time to write about how on task i am. i'll try to do that - with pictures - later tonight.

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ok so, want to see for yourself? the chaos )


bonus for having looked at all that (or just scrolling by). willa with berry face, reading EW on the potty.
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I know that it is folly to think I can have a complete life makeover at all, never mind in one week. I know it will be unsatisfying in some or all ways and that will make me feel bad and like a failure and the whole thing will be a pointless disaster.

So I’m going to try it anyway!

It starts with a list of what’s going on in my life that is not working for me right now: there are a lot of words in here )

What do you think, can I do all that? Hahahaha whatever at least I wrote it down.

But no, really, I’m going to do it. And to make sure, I’m going to start by posting humiliating photos of the current state of affairs. That post, coming right up.
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Okay, so. I’ve been gone from here. But I need here right now, so I’m back.

A few updates:

1. Tomorrow Rachael will be at 37 weeks in her pregnancy, which makes today the day in my pregnancy when I went to the hospital to begin the induction that led to Willa being born. WHAT. Tomorrow she’ll be at term. She could have the baby at any time, though we’re hoping he holds on until something like week 41. We have shit to do.

2. I can run! I did a couch to five K running program and it kind of worked. Kind of because it was based on time and I’m a slow runner so what I actually worked up to is slightly under five K, about 2.five miles. And I can do it. I can run that entire distance in one go. This is a first for me and I’m exceeding proud of it. (my five key is broken, btw)

3. Willa is almost 22 months old. She is amazing and brilliant and strong. I feel so lucky every day that she is my daughter. Even when she’s exhausting me like yesterday morning when we went to Target and she ran around like and insane puppy on crack. I actually lost her twice. She just ran so fast and got lost among the racks. And I had heart attacks. I left the store covered in sweat and breathing heavily. She is a force to be reckoned with.

4. This pregnancy has been hard on Rachael, and on me. Rachael has been in a lot of pain for a lot of the pregnancy. She has a lot of swelling, a painful diastasis, pubic symphisis dysfunction, lower back pain… you name it. She should get most of the sympathy but in my weaker moments, I feel a little bad for myself for having to pick up all the slack left by her being out of commission so often. The hardest part of that is being the one who gets up for all of Willa’s wakings, which have been happening with renewed frequency these last few weeks. I’m really tired. And trying to be the sane one while Rachael’s hormones send her emotions into a tailspin… that’s not easy for me either. But I’m trying.

5. A good example of my current state is what happened last night/this morning. Willa has been waking up 1-3 times a night for the last couple weeks and generally, I go into her room, she tells me to lie down with her and it takes anywhere from a few minutes to and hour to get her sleeping again. There was one night it took 3 hours, but that’s not the norm. So, this morning, I woke to Willa’s voice from the monitor, “Mommy, lie down! Mommy, lie down!” which means she wants me in her bed with her. I sweat I looked at the clock and saw it was 3 something, then went to her room. Her ‘it’s ok to come in mommy and mama’s room now’ light was on and I though that was weird, that we must have left it on last night. And turned it off. I lay with Willa for more than 30 minutes, soothing her, singing to her, rubbing her feet, all while killing my hip because her tiny bed doesn’t have room for my butt so it hangs off the edge. I went to pee at one point, and though it was odd, how much light there seemed to be outside. Back in her room, I checked my phone on saw that it was five forty. She can come into our bed and nurse any time after five. That’s why her light was on. That why she was so awake. I have no idea how I decided it was three o’clock. Later in the morning, I set a timer so I would get up on time, and never turned it on. Making breakfast, I left the pan heating until the butter was brown, crushed two eggs in my hand instead of cracking them, etc ,etc. My brain has left the building.

So that’s a little bit of where I am right now. There is another post forming in my head that I will make shortly, about how I plan to fix my entire life in one week (hahaha yeah I know) (but, really).
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did teen wolf get better? or have i been drinking the koolaid?

anyway. i have a tuesday in my life for you. it's in here! )
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day in the life photos! i said i was going to do them and i did. follow-through! that's what they call that, right?

before that, i just want to share that i realized something about teen wolf. there have been many times when i've wondered why on earth the makers chose to cgi certain scenes involving derek. just now, looking at some stills from a future ep, i realized... it's just hoechlin. he just sometimes looks and moves like an unreal person. huh.

anyway, moving on! a monday in my life in pictures. a whole bunch of them )
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our friend, daisy, is staying with us today. she is pretty much the best house guest who ever was. she always shows up with gifts for no particular reason - for us or the baby or both. she is completely blunt about her wants and needs in a way that is still somehow perfectly polite. it's reassuring because you know that if you've forgotten to offer daisy something she needs, she will ask for it, nbd. she will tell us what she wants out of the day and ask what we want so we can make them fit together or decide when to part ways. and she usually has some idea of what she wants, so it's not all up to us. she is tidy, she enjoys watching crappy tv, she likes going out to eat. also she's funny and smart and nice and all those things. srsly, the perfect guest.

unrelatedly... i am an aunt! (ish, not technically the child of a sibling, but the child of a person i consider close like a sibling. he'll call me auntie, so that's good enough.) i want to tell you more, but it isn't my story to tell, dernit! i'm really happy about it, though. i'll just say that. for long time, i've felt like my family is tiny, and it's true that i have two close actually related family members in the whole world. but now there's rachael and willa and rachael's mom (and her husband) and brother and now these two who i love have a baby who will be close to willa's age and even closer to baby #2's. it's really frickin exciting!
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i started taking celexa this morning. even though last night i picked up all the paper work and saw the sticker that says, "breastfeeding is not recommended while using this medicine." and. i am doing that. breastfeeding. this is happens when you e-mail your doc saying, hey, can i have some celexa and she says, sure, bro, here's a scrip. some internet research (that's always accurate, right?) has eased my mind about it and i'm just going ahead, but. i really wish there was, like, any accurate info about breastfeeding in the medical world.

speaking of. we saw our midwife this morning. it was a slightly annoying visit, but i won't go into it. i generally really like her, i just think sometimes she doesn't think all the way through the things she says. she won that context in the interview process. the runner up at one point said, "when you give birth, you really become a mother." to rachael. a mother of a child to whom she did not give birth. there's a lot of that bullshit out there. a lot.

this morning, willa stayed in bed longer than rach and i did. when she woke, we went in to her and she sat up and peered around groggily and pointed at the comforter, "this." yes, flowers, we said. "that," she said pointing at the pillow. pillow, we said. then we pointed out buster who had just come over and she made a squeak of delight and crawled over to him. can you imagine waking up that way? discovery! joy!

i was looking back at the 'week in the life' photos i did back in march of 2012 and it was fascinating (to me). life with a 6 month old is very different from life with a 19-month old. thank goodness. so... i'm going to do it again. i think i'll start on sunday. if nothing else, it's a really fun way for me to remember what life is like during these crazy times.

but before i start that, i'll do a little photo dump of some recent shots. here's my baby now -

willa likes a cup of joe. not really. that was my coffee. and don't worry, it was empty. :)

more pics! )

i'll post some videos soon, too. as soon as i figure out a non-annoying way to rotate them.

oh, and also, you should tell me awesome names for boys. we're totally stuck.
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see, look, i really am back - posting two days in a row! \\\\o////

i am here for two things: to tell you my feelings about teen wolf s3e1 and to blither randomly.

teen wolfitude )

willa has a couple bffs - elsa and cora. elsa goes to her daycare and cora is my coworker's daughter. we take each other's kids every other tuesday morning, so willa gets to see cora once a week. except this last couple weeks they've been away. today we were at a playground and she saw someone she thought was cora and she pretty much chased her down. i felt so bad for her as i told her it wasn't cora, but i don't think she even believed me. which i also felt bad about, since that would mean cora was just ignoring her. she did seem to recover from this just fine.

we've had a pretty good morning together, me and willa. she ate well at breakfast, snack and lunch (pretty rare) and she went down to her nap without a whole lot of fuss. so today is pretty much a win so far... now it's all about how long the nap lasts and what we do with the afternoon before rachael comes home. i have no plans yet, which is the kiss of death. i should really come up with something. man, it is hard to be a lazy procrastinator with a baby around. they are seriously not in to hanging around and doing nothing. or... sometime they are, actually, but their version of that includes destroying things in your house while you're trying to chill out. sometimes i just let is happen for a few minutes of calm. yep. that's my parenting method. i can always buy more toilet paper/wash the ink off the wall/get a new cat.
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i have been absent from these parts for a while. tumblr is the internet-based entity most responsible for that, but there are plenty of other things too, most significant among them being willa, my 19 month old (OMG WHAT HOW DID THAT HAPPEN) daughter. but tumblr doesn't really satisfy all my internet-ish needs, so here i am again. i would like to get back to both reading and writing here, i hope that happens the way i intend it to.

so, right now, a brief catch-up. here are some major categories and how things are going. i would love to know how any/all of these are going for you too, if you feel inclined to chat about them.

i've missed you, lj/dw peeps.

family: my family is amazing. willa is so much fun at this age. she is bursting with cuteness ALL THE TIME. she talks (sometimes even in little sentences, like "buster sit lap!") and walks and runs and dances and sings and plays and hugs and is such an opinionated little person it's unbelievable. i honestly and truly love her more every single day. she has bffs - cora and elsa - and even plays interactively though that's not expected at this developmental stage.

and willa will soon have a little brother. rachael just hit her third trimester. she's been doing pretty well but the two biggest frustrations with her pregnancy have been pain (so much - her lower back, her sides, her upper abdomen, heartbearn, TOO MUCH) and an anterior placenta which makes it so she can't feel the baby move which causes a lot of anxiety. all these things seem to be improving, which is great, but it hasn't been a super easy pregnancy.

and some days and i am completely terrified at the prospect of another baby/child in this house. willa took over our lives and reordered our priorities in a way i knew was coming but could not have fully understood until it happened. yesterday, instead of her usual 90 minute - 2 1/2 hour nap, she slept for 40 minutes in my arms and wouldn't go back to sleep. that was to be the only time that day i would have to myself. i went a little crazy when i didn't get that time. it's such a weird thing to live with - i love her more than ANYTHING and when i'm not with her i think about her and miss her all the time. but some of the days i am with her constantly, all i want is 30 minutes to shut down my brain and be by myself. what will this be like with TWO tiny dictators in the house? i really can barely imagine.

work/school: complicaaated. i am quitting one of my two jobs. the one that has been making me a little bit miserable. my hours at the other job were almost doubled. this is all actually much more complicated that this, but i made a whole post just about that, so i won't go into it again. the result - i will be working only at my church job after this june, and for more hours than i used to work. and i hope very very much that this will give me time to work on finishing my degree. i've started working and i know it will be slow going, i'm just hoping it will really happen. for the months of july and august, i am not employed at all. so i'm hoping to a.) get a lot of work done and b.) not go completely broke. cross your fingers for me.

fandom: i am consumer-only and have beeb for quite a while. that makes me sad sometimes, but i just don't see it as a possible that i would have the time or brainpower to contribute anything. what i am consuming at the moment is teeeeeen wolfffffff. of the derek/stiles variety, mostly. so i watched the s3 premiere and was in general happy with it (not everything, but most thing. not kali's claw-feet, though, i am not into that). i have more thoughts, but i said i was going to keep this brief. haha.

mental health: this has been kind of ok? kind of. but unreliably so. i'm seeing an ADHD coach right now and i love her and she's very helpful but i'm having that supremely annoying trouble with sticking to plans that drives me MAD. so i just decided that it's time to get back on some drugs. celexa first and then i'll dig in to the fight to see if i can get some stimulants prescribed. all i have to do to get celexa is e-mail my doc. amazing.

but yeah, even thought i'm getting by ok from day to day, i'm not making much progress and i know i could be doing a lot better. also i have bad days and i hate hate hate to be really down around willa. i know it isn't great for her so that's even more motivation to get some help. as is a second baby coming and the new stresses (and delights, of course) that will bring.

so yeah, some days are great and some days i just can't see the good things around me. i would really like to have fewer of those days.

and that, in brief, is the state of me. how are you?

(holy moly, i need an entire set of new icons.)
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omg. there is not enough coffee in the world.
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i would to blither a bit about hawaii five-0, sort of in the way of a pimping post, but not exactly. because i'm still not sure how in it i am, really, and maybe i want to sort that out a little. so i'll try to break things down. and there will be probably be some spoilers in here. h50 doesn't make it into the category of shows i care about spoilers for, sorry. i won't drop anything major.

reasons to watch hawaii five-o:

-the scenery. for me and many to most in my flist/circle, it's winter right now and it's cold and snowy and nasty. looking at lush, warm, green, gorgeous hawaii for 43.5 minutes is not a hardship at all. and getting tossed tidbits of hawaiian culture is interesting, too, though i do take them with a grain of salt.
-the bickering. i have seen many people claim that h50 is the slashiest show on tv. i guess i'm not really sure what else is on to compete with it but i know there have been many slashier shows in the past. so... idk, maybe? however. whenever the main characters, steve and danny, get in the car together, beautiful things happen. i love me a bickery pairing and that is what we have here. with danny "i'm from new jersey, i must rant about everything" williams and steve "expressions hurt my face" mcgarrett," you know you're in for some good bicker. what's that? you want examples? ok!
they're in the car! of course they bicker about music.
danny's from NJ! of course they bicker about that.
and of course there is a cheesy, edited youtube compilation of bickery moments.
-steve drives danny's car. i love this and i can't really explain why. it's not really explained in the show, either. danny brings it up a couple of times but it doesn't change. it's... cute! idk!
-chin ho and kono/daniel dae kim and grace park. i already knew the actors were awesome and their characters are pretty awesome, too. i would say chin's probably the most interesting character on the show, with the big question marks in his past and being shunned by work and family. well, family except kono. kono the tiny badass rookie who loooooves her cousin. i would totally read chin/kono but they get along too well to do any satisfying bickering so i haven't really gone looking for them as a pairing. their cousin-love is possibly dirty but definitely endearing. also, the two of them could act circles around scott caan who could in turn act circles around alex o'loughlin, but that's just my humble opinion and all that.
-everyone's pretty. at first, i had no interest in the show in part because steve and danny were so physically unappealing to me. one's tall and one's short but they're both kind of beefy/muscular and that doesn't turn my crank. but... well, somehow through the bickering they have become more attractive. and i didn't need any convincing about chin and kono.

this one point goes in the middle because it's neither here not there, but did you know that through very minimal googling of scott caan, you come upon a picture of his junk? i don't really know how i feel about this, but there is it.

reasons you might not want to watch hawaii five-0:

-the writing. yeah, that's sad, right? but it's true. the plots of the shows are... fine, i guess. i'm kind of lightly drawn in to their little mysteries. it's more fun to see the characters i like playing around in their roles than anything. but the dialogue. oy. it varies from funny to decent to painful. they clearly anticipate a somewhat stupid audience because they continually sum up or explain what's going on to each other in nice, simple words that make everything feel completely awkward. i'm hoping the show will mature over time and the writing will get less stilted and weird.
-steve's angst. it should be the driving force of the show but it ends up feeling really manufactured. chin's angst would be so much more interesting to me, but chin is portrayed as pretty emotionally healthy, if slightly damaged, so we're supposed to be moved by steve's attempts at angsty faces. i see what they're going for, but it doesn't quite work. it is, however, fertile ground for fanfic, so that's the upside.
-doesn't pass the bechdel test. kono is awesome but she's the only main character who is female and i can't, off the top of my head, come up with one time she's talked to another woman. the governor is also kind of awesome, but she only ever talks to steve. thumbs down.
-you don't read fanfiction. i mean, really, i'm a little bit drawn in to the show itself, but mostly i'm drawn in to the copious amount of fic that is coming out and i want to keep up with the canon.

aaaand, the good part now. recs! all danny/steve, but if you have recs of other pairings, please share!

inked by thehoyden - what could be wrong with a fic in which danny gets steve's name tattooed on his ass? for a case!

all the girls out on the stoop by mirabella - ok, really, it's a fic in which danny is part veela. i figured it would be a quick, funny little ficlet but actually it is on the longer side and... now i can't really stop believing that danny is, in fact, a veela.

might as well let you in (between the sheets) by giddygeek - it's schmoop, and these guys do schmoop surprisingly well.

motive and means by lamardeuse - "Your standard undercover-in-a-gay-bar cliché, complete with fellatio."

fix definitely as desired by giddygeek - first fic in the fandom that i looooved.

when all of new york city misses you by leupagus and sutlers - good and angsty.

break the lock if it don't fit by austen - i'm a total sucker for fics in which they move in together. total sucker!

riding on two wheels by lamardeuse - also a sucker for danny-grace-steve as a family fic. <3!

hope you enjoy! or, you know, don't. :)

(oh right, i don't have an h50 icon, so i'll use the best-ever cop pairing in their place.)
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so. i have been consuming holmes fan media for weeks now. it's time to share. and if there are things you think are missing from this list, TELL ME PLEASE. :)

your ex-lover's dead by [profile] misread_. if this vid doesn't rip your heart out, you probably don't have one. the saddest thing about it to me is that it's totes true to canon. hoooolllmes! :(

fever by [personal profile] talitha78. i think everyone's seen this by now but it's good to have on hand as a peppy antidote to the first vid.

NSFW. holmes and watson in a chair by [profile] laurazel.

NSFW. holmes and watson on a bed by [profile] laurazel.

fanmix by [profile] lamentalone
haven't downloaded and listened to this one yet, but it looks interesting. though obviously the song red is really about merlin and arthur. duh.

consequences by [profile] liotsuki
also haven't tried this one out yet.

these flickering moods by [profile] zarah5. this one i have listened to, quite a bit. it's true enough to the movie that is pretty seriously angsty. and some of the songs are really impressive fits - in lyrics and in overall sound. recommended.

(you could be my) unintended by [profile] lastling. ok, i haven't listened to this one yet either, but this one is also a picspam and a fic and it led to the tragically awesome vid listed above.


a silly phase by [profile] zarah5. characters turning into children is not really my thing but this is pretty freaking cute.

scientific inquiry by sasha_davidovna. holmes needs to know about sex. for science, you see. (holmes/adler, holmes/watson)

hard to look so easy by [personal profile] giddygeek. ficlet on the prompt: Watson is impressed by someone else (another detective, a better violinist, etc etc) and Holmes is super annoyed and gets competitive. love the idea and love the execution.

the things we say with our hands by [personal profile] ariadnes_string. lovely, short, h/c fic. watson's war injury(ies) comes in so handy for these h/c fics.

the maiden voyage of the tiresias by [personal profile] astolat. involves some cross-dressing. completely awesome.

this day to the ending of the world by [profile] candle_beck. an h/w origin story that contradicts the book canon but is extremely well done.

a little vanilla is good for the soul by [personal profile] toestastegood. "With any other person Holmes would no doubt have grown bored by this point."

time is the best doctor by [profile] toestastgood. sweet and dirty.

scientific inquiry (different from the other one by that title) FIC+ART by [personal profile] lizardspots and [personal profile] longleggedgit. short, sweet, adorable, nice, semi-worksafe art.

katie forsythe's fic:
all her holmes fic is here and i haven't encountered one yet that i don't like. all book canon, as far as i know. it's a little hard to square these characters up to the movie characters, mostly because of just how devoted her watson is - not that he doesn't get annoyed and angry, just not in the same eye-rolly, he's-such-a-pain-in-my-ass way as movie watson. but i love her versions of these characters. and these are my particularly favorites -

full of grace. i think i don't want to read established relationship fics and then i do it anyway and sometimes it's awesome like this. this fic deals with oscar wilde's case and how it touched holmes and watson's world. the ending it so lovely and romantic i can barely stand it.

four minor interludes for the solo violin. long, satisfying, first-time romanciness. i'm absolutely convinced of them falling in love with each other in this and it's kind of hard to remember that it's not actual canon. followed by hallowed be thy name - even longer.

undiscovered country - h/c fic like awesome.

an april journey - they figure things out on a train. :)

eh, just read them all. pretty sure you can't go wrong.

several nc-17 linked by [personal profile] foxxcub - i totally second these recs:

annoying little things. includes NSFW art. i totally believe this holmes. fits in perfectly with movie canon and in that way is pretty heartbreaking.

the art of balancing by [profile] shockselectric. i believe these characters too and ugggghhhh, the heartbreak. why is the movie canon so evil? did i say evil? i must have meant awesome. wait, no, i meant evil.

unconventional cures by [personal profile] toestastegood. whew, this one is... rough. WARNING FOR DUB CON. and all around painfulness.

an interesting little problem by cimorene. hot and just the kind of sweet i believe they would be - particular in the pre-'09 movie canon.

page of recs and links to various authors's works. pre-'09 movie

archive/recs page - pre-'09 movie

some good picspam, gifs, recs, etc in here. mostly '09 movie canon.

youtube clip. jude law wants you to know that it's not a bromance, it's a romance.

the mysterious case of the marginally gayer alternate reality by [personal profile] longleggedgit. cracktastic picspam/story. love it.
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forgot to say in my last post, i have 3 dreamwidth codes free to good homes. just let me know if you want one.

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[profile] anabelwumpkins is here! and asleep upstairs. she had quite a day - twelve hours of travelling, delays included. it should not take that long to get from boston to denver. but she's here now! yay.

thanks to people who voted in the highway poll. i'm pretty sure i'm going to take I80 through wyoming, which is what the vast majority of you selected. it did give me pause, though, that the majority of people who live around here and have been on those roads before chose I70. but i get to take 70 on the way back, when i can make rach drive through the mountains and close my eyes during the scary parts.

i continue to read as though i am not a fannish serial monogomist. star trek, merlin, bandom, due south. i am enjoying it but still feeling a little floaty and rootless. it's odd.

here are my favorite things i've read recently -

thing-thing by [personal profile] sinsense. frank/gerard high school au. omg, i love this story, friends. so hilarious, so teeange boy real, and also so sweet and fairytale-esue. and there is some excellent art and music to go with it.

play and record, held down together by [profile] snakevsladder. pete/mikey high school au. hmm, do we sense a theme? i've read this basic story before - geeky quiet mikeyway and soccer star jock boy* pete wentz just trying to make it work. but this is well done and long and satisfying.

inhabiting by [personal profile] gigantic. chris pine/zachary quinto. my favorite of this pairing so far. excellent dialoque, subtle and sneaky and pretty much captivating.

and now i'd better go get dressed so i'm ready to have exciting visitor times... when anney gets up. :)

*ok, so maybe it was different in your school, but in mine, the soccer players were not jocks. i have to suspend my disbelief for all such pete/mikeys. no one went to our soccer games, no one cared about the soccer players (who were actually some of the cooler guys in my class, imo, and not at all jockish), and they certainly didn't have cheerleaders. you?
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[profile] anabelwumpkins is in the air! delayed slightly, though, so she'll be getting in right after midnight. which is actually kind of late for me these days. because i am an old lady? yes.

i went to boulder today to meet with myrtle about the monteverdi edition of which i just finished a draft and my repertoire list. i came back from boulder with a whole bunch of loot, including:
-a new pair of the same flip flops i've been wearing for the last three summers which have word down so much they were no longer miraculously comfortable and supportive
-a pair of keen shoes that are more comfortable than they are attractive which is not always how i roll. but my feet have been feeling kind of messed up lately, so. we'll see how this goes.
-a giant score for spem in alium. myrtle saw it on my rep list and decided i really should own it and so gave me hers. i am pretty psyched about this. it's a piece for 40 different parts so it is rather unlikely i'll ever conduct it and thus was not likely to purchase it for myself. however, i love tallis and all that enlish renaissancey stuff and i'm very happy to own it.
-another nerd score, a framed poster of a page of the old hall manuscrpit. myrtle said she gave it to me bc she knew i would know what it was. of course! what early english choral nerd wouldn't?
-a heaping pile of octavos myrtle is getting rid of for whatever reason. including some good stuff for women's chorus.

so, yeah, totally scored. :)

oh! and now rach is home and it's dinner timez! maybe i'll be back later with mcr high school au recs and highway decisions, etc.
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so on tuesday, i'm driving to salt lake city. and i have to pick a route. i could take I80 through wyoming. it would take 7.5 hours and it looks dull as shit. or i could take I70 though colorado and utah. it would take 8.5 hours and go through the rockies, so it would be pretty much gorgeous. however! i am afraid of heights and while i can competently drive through mountainous terrain, it makes me very tense. also, on our way back, rach will be with me and she and i will be spending a night in moab, so we'll be taking I70 then. all the same, the I80 looks barren and boring. so... wise flist, which would you choose?

I80 or I70

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kirk/mccoy/chekov (anyone else read that one? it was reallllly dirty)
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so, you know how rach and i are going to moab for a night? it's to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. which is today! being married to rachael is... kind of exactly like it was before we were married except i have memories of a beautiful party, a pretty ring, and still more confusion over what to call her when i meet new people. which is to say, it is completely awesome. ♥
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first, obviously, bandit lee way!!!!! i was hestiant about the name until hearing that it was a girl. god, they are huge adorable weirdos and that is going to be the most awesome kid ever. <3!!!!!!!!

i've been a little absent for the past few days because i've been spending my self-limited on-line time reading heaven help us. man, it was everything i wanted it to be. and sucked me right back into the mcr love. more <3!!!

before that, though, rach and i had a staycation over the long weekend. the only bad thing about that was that it had to end. it was so much fun, to be in our space, with everything clean and pretty, relieved from worrying about chores and responsibilities. we had a completely fabulous, restful, restorative two days.

which included a little hike at castlewood canyon near castle rock. we'd never been down there before and i was really impressed with how green it was. and we took some photos of our hike.

rocks! and us. and distant mountains. )
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briefly, some things:

1. i had not realized that the star trek movie was exactly what was missing in my life. i agree 100% with all the criticisms about the pathetic lack of women and omg the miniskirts, but i also LOVED it. when it was over i just wanted to stay in the theater and watch it again. oops.

2. we are having a staycation today and tomorrow. we cleaned the house and did all our chores yesterday so today we can enjoy and lounge about (now that we're back from church) and go and do things like hike and barbecue and all that. this also means that i'm about to put away my computer for a while and pretend that i'm on vacation without it. be good while i'm gone? or... something more interesting than that.


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