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just reading a little ds_meta and was inspired to ask this question:

cliff, shag, marry: frannie, thatcher, stella


no, wait! a poll would be even better. :) you know the rules, folks:

[Poll #976013]
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2 april 2007

chloe, lounging in the cat napper (in french: le cat napper) on the back porch.

it's my first day back to school post-break. i don't want to go. meh.

so, i'll make a poll to get me through. :)[Poll #959583]
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4 march 2007

it's handy that whenever i have one of these days where it's 11:45 pm and i realize i haven't taken a picture yet, there's always a kitty around doing something cute and fluffy. here we have stella, chillin' on the back of the living room couch. you can also make out the place where i spilled coffee on the blanket my mom crocheted for me. don't worry, mom! it'll wash out.

-ok, i have seen no discussion of last night's bsg yet. what gives? i need you people to tell me what i think! :) i have seen some screen cappage. nnnnngh. but. so. yeah, thoughts )

-i do not want to inflict my self challenge blither on those of you who are not interested. so, a little poll to see who wants into the filter. it'll just be little progress updates - weight loss, diet and exercise blither. so...
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