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harry potter

all souls' day
remus/sirius . PG . 2000 words
Remus waits. Sirius returns.

harry/ron, ron/hermione . R . 2200 words
He's listening to Hermione but he's watching Ron's hand tuck around her waist.

cast a spell over the west (dominic monaghan/ron weasley - lotrips crossover)
dom/ron . R . 10,000 words
Dom was making his way back to their table, carrying two mugs of beer. He set one down in front of Ron. "So, who were you chasing out there?"
+related drabble
elijah wood/hermione . G

one is for you
sirius/remus . PG-13 . 2700 words
Remus was quiet a moment, expressionless. “You’ve missed me?” he said, his tone flat.

sirius/remus . PG . 2700 words
A plan, a plot, a ruse. And a Yule Ball.

apology . sirius/remus
rain . sirius/remus
objectively speaking . ron/draco
just us . dean/seamus
louche, barnacle, panoramic . fred/george
no living man . hermione/eowyn (sort of)
watching . snape, harry/draco

hidden & look up . harry/draco, hermione/pansy

never tell & quiet . ron/goyle

harry/ron ficlet series with [ profile] starbuckle
just isn't done . not for him
morning . after
seeker . keeper

two of a kind . willow rosenberg/hermione (buffy the vampire slayer crossover)
comparisons are odious . remus/viggo mortenson (lotrips crossover)
move . harry/ron
clean . hermione/ginny
totally pointless . remus/sirius
how it goes . harry/draco
hypothetical . hermione/draco
dental . marcus/oliver

due south

sleepy morning ficlet
fraser/kowalski . R . 1500 words
This is new. There was no talking last night. Lots of doing, but no talking.

five times fraser didn't notice that ray was trying to seduce him
fraser/kowalski . PG . 1000 words
Fraser clears his throat. His uniform collar suddenly feels tight. Ray grins, cuffs him on the arm and heads back toward the files.

fraser/kowalski commentfic
fraser/kowalski . PG . 700 words
Ray looks from the scotch back to Fraser. "Ok. Right. What's so great about me, then?"

the next just sky
fraser/kowalski . R/NC-17 . 1000 words
This was different. There was no tension here. There was no drive toward release. Fraser had been dreaming of this, longing for it.

something to rest upon
fraser/kowalski . R/NC-17 . 3200 words
Ray sniffs, thinking fast. If Fraser wants to play this game, fine. But Ray's gonna win.


pete/mikey commentfic
pete/mikey . PG . 350 words
Mikey doesn't say anything. Pete looks tired. He looks like he's been drinking. He looks... a lot older than when Mikey saw him last.

bob/ray commentfic
bob/ray . G . 500 words
He tries to look as casual as possible about this, hoping Ray won't call him on the very, very fine distinction between sharing body heat and blankets and actual cuddling.

lucky you
brendon/cash . PG . 700 words
It's three hours earlier there. Cash should be the one sleeping, not huddled up in a hotel bathtub talking to his... to Brendon at 4 in the morning.
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