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i would to blither a bit about hawaii five-0, sort of in the way of a pimping post, but not exactly. because i'm still not sure how in it i am, really, and maybe i want to sort that out a little. so i'll try to break things down. and there will be probably be some spoilers in here. h50 doesn't make it into the category of shows i care about spoilers for, sorry. i won't drop anything major.

reasons to watch hawaii five-o:

-the scenery. for me and many to most in my flist/circle, it's winter right now and it's cold and snowy and nasty. looking at lush, warm, green, gorgeous hawaii for 43.5 minutes is not a hardship at all. and getting tossed tidbits of hawaiian culture is interesting, too, though i do take them with a grain of salt.
-the bickering. i have seen many people claim that h50 is the slashiest show on tv. i guess i'm not really sure what else is on to compete with it but i know there have been many slashier shows in the past. so... idk, maybe? however. whenever the main characters, steve and danny, get in the car together, beautiful things happen. i love me a bickery pairing and that is what we have here. with danny "i'm from new jersey, i must rant about everything" williams and steve "expressions hurt my face" mcgarrett," you know you're in for some good bicker. what's that? you want examples? ok!
they're in the car! of course they bicker about music.
danny's from NJ! of course they bicker about that.
and of course there is a cheesy, edited youtube compilation of bickery moments.
-steve drives danny's car. i love this and i can't really explain why. it's not really explained in the show, either. danny brings it up a couple of times but it doesn't change. it's... cute! idk!
-chin ho and kono/daniel dae kim and grace park. i already knew the actors were awesome and their characters are pretty awesome, too. i would say chin's probably the most interesting character on the show, with the big question marks in his past and being shunned by work and family. well, family except kono. kono the tiny badass rookie who loooooves her cousin. i would totally read chin/kono but they get along too well to do any satisfying bickering so i haven't really gone looking for them as a pairing. their cousin-love is possibly dirty but definitely endearing. also, the two of them could act circles around scott caan who could in turn act circles around alex o'loughlin, but that's just my humble opinion and all that.
-everyone's pretty. at first, i had no interest in the show in part because steve and danny were so physically unappealing to me. one's tall and one's short but they're both kind of beefy/muscular and that doesn't turn my crank. but... well, somehow through the bickering they have become more attractive. and i didn't need any convincing about chin and kono.

this one point goes in the middle because it's neither here not there, but did you know that through very minimal googling of scott caan, you come upon a picture of his junk? i don't really know how i feel about this, but there is it.

reasons you might not want to watch hawaii five-0:

-the writing. yeah, that's sad, right? but it's true. the plots of the shows are... fine, i guess. i'm kind of lightly drawn in to their little mysteries. it's more fun to see the characters i like playing around in their roles than anything. but the dialogue. oy. it varies from funny to decent to painful. they clearly anticipate a somewhat stupid audience because they continually sum up or explain what's going on to each other in nice, simple words that make everything feel completely awkward. i'm hoping the show will mature over time and the writing will get less stilted and weird.
-steve's angst. it should be the driving force of the show but it ends up feeling really manufactured. chin's angst would be so much more interesting to me, but chin is portrayed as pretty emotionally healthy, if slightly damaged, so we're supposed to be moved by steve's attempts at angsty faces. i see what they're going for, but it doesn't quite work. it is, however, fertile ground for fanfic, so that's the upside.
-doesn't pass the bechdel test. kono is awesome but she's the only main character who is female and i can't, off the top of my head, come up with one time she's talked to another woman. the governor is also kind of awesome, but she only ever talks to steve. thumbs down.
-you don't read fanfiction. i mean, really, i'm a little bit drawn in to the show itself, but mostly i'm drawn in to the copious amount of fic that is coming out and i want to keep up with the canon.

aaaand, the good part now. recs! all danny/steve, but if you have recs of other pairings, please share!

inked by thehoyden - what could be wrong with a fic in which danny gets steve's name tattooed on his ass? for a case!

all the girls out on the stoop by mirabella - ok, really, it's a fic in which danny is part veela. i figured it would be a quick, funny little ficlet but actually it is on the longer side and... now i can't really stop believing that danny is, in fact, a veela.

might as well let you in (between the sheets) by giddygeek - it's schmoop, and these guys do schmoop surprisingly well.

motive and means by lamardeuse - "Your standard undercover-in-a-gay-bar cliché, complete with fellatio."

fix definitely as desired by giddygeek - first fic in the fandom that i looooved.

when all of new york city misses you by leupagus and sutlers - good and angsty.

break the lock if it don't fit by austen - i'm a total sucker for fics in which they move in together. total sucker!

riding on two wheels by lamardeuse - also a sucker for danny-grace-steve as a family fic. <3!

hope you enjoy! or, you know, don't. :)

(oh right, i don't have an h50 icon, so i'll use the best-ever cop pairing in their place.)


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