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last night, four friends came over and helped us pack our kitchen. it was amazing. so much got packed and so quickly. it's the way to go, man. people power!

of course, we had to open a box this morning to find mugs to drink our coffee out of, but i'd say a the overzealousness was more benefit than bane.

and, there is SO MUCH more packing to do. oy.

our travel plan, for the interested:

thursday, the 14th: pack the truck, then head to rochester, ny.
friday, the 15th: rochester to lansing, il.
saturday, the 16th: lansing to lincoln, ne.
sunday the 17th: lincoln to denver, co.
monday the 18th: unpack the truck.

here's hoping we and the two cats survive that many days in the car together. whew.

me and hbp

Jul. 12th, 2005 09:12 am
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when OotP came out, i had fun times with other fans, sat around in a barns and noble for hours and obtained my book about seven minutes after it was officially released. that will not be the way things shake down this year. when HBP comes out, i will be sleeping (i hope) in a pet-friendly motel outside of chicago. i don't know when i will be getting my copy, nor do i have any idea when i'll be able to read it. the 16th will see us on our way to a pet-friendly motel in lincoln, nebraska. the 17th should eventually find us in denver, where we will sleep on the floor of our house (after the traditional meal on the bare floor) and meet the truck full of our stuff on the morning of the 18th. we will then unpack as quickly as we can and i will commence studying for my preliminary exams.

somewhere in there, i will read the book. it makes me a little crazy that i can't just get it right away and spend two days reading (yes, it would take me at least that long, i am a slow, slow reader). but i suppose i'm lucky in that i will be away from lj anyway because of moving and such, so it's convenient for avoiding spoilers. except that it also makes me sad to be away from lj. ::sigh::

anyway. from the 14th on, i won't really be reading - because i won't have a chance to and because i really don't want to be spoiled this time. i may post - about the trip and all that, but won't be checking the flist for a while. wah.

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moving has commenced the kicking of our collective ass. we spent last night in vermont, at the potential site of our wedding and, while that was lovely, OMGWENEEDTOPACK! ::hyperventilates:: i'm very glad for all the days that i was calm, cool, collected and on top of things, because if not for them, right now would be impossible. but it's still crazy. so i'm going to have to get off the computer now and get to it. there's just... so much to think about. and my grandfather is sick in the hospital. which is not near here and that's hard too. so. yeah. must keep plugging. the main goal is to be able to get a good night's sleep on wednesday, so we're not sleeping at the wheel on thursday. so today and tomorrow will entail some serious work.

here goes.
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i have a new computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, the love. the love. i'm so thrilled. i have named her miranda. i suggested miranda as a good name for camilla's computer and then she chose to go with her npr theme instead, i believe. which is great. but then miranda stayed in my mind and when i saw my little beauty, i just knew. i splurged for a ridiculous clip-on, color cover. so it's grassy green. it's called 'bamboo.' heehee. i am promising in my heart to take very, very good care of miranda. i have a rather atrocious track record at this point. no more dead computers!!! this one needs to see me through my doctorate. so... no spilled water, no crazy spyware attacks, no dead ac connections... please.

t-minus 6 days. ::deep breathing:: holy shit, man. holy shit.

i need an icon of heading to the mountains. hmm... i don't have photoshop on here yet. or anything. somebody, make me a mountain icon? i'll... pack a box for you! yeah. mmhmm.

k. i need to fold laundry, get myself dressed and go say goodbye to my grandfather. much as i'd rather sit here, gazing at miranda.

eta: oooh!!! looky! tags! i've been thinking that i should look into that but haven't been able to convince myself it was a good use of my time. but new semagic version, and voila! tags. handy.
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ok... um. i probably don't need to feel quite this guilty about packing my merry and pippin action figures in separate boxes.

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i saw [ profile] camillafarfalla. she was talking better and even managed to smile quite a bit. and then there were also tears - not just hers - because, yes, this was our goodbye. like this weekend was our goodbye to claire. like all these days are turning into goodbyes.

i've never been as good as i am right now about planning and prepping and spending my time well. i'm actually doing the things i need to do to move across the country in just over a week. which is great. but as the departure date (7/14) draws closer, i feel less and less emotionally ready. i love northampton. i love my friends here and all over massachusetts (and new york and connecticut, etc). i love my family and being close to them. this is going to be hard. and i've known that all along but now i can really feel it. i look at a map of the country and i think about the multiple days - or hundreds of dollars - it takes to get from here to there and my breath vanishes.

i'm thirty. i'm a big girl. i know that i will be able to handle this. it's not that kind of fear. maybe it's not fear at all, just sadness. at parting from so many great people and such a great place. at the end of some kind of era of my life. it does help me to think about lj and its potential to keep me connected to people i love. but it will be different. so much will be different.

and so... i'll just pack three more boxes today and keep at it.
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omg. tired. still so. much. to do. i think it will never end. never ever. wah.

today i hope to visit [ profile] camillafarfalla who is at her mom's house here in the valley. she is extremely sick. she was coming to the area on friday and almost didn't come because she was getting a sore throat. she came anyway and by the weekend the sore throat had become so awful that she spent five hours in the ER and then stayed in the hospital overnight, getting morphine so she could swallow. she's improving now, slightly, but she's still really sick. it's probably strep but tests have not been conclusive. anyway, i'll be going to see her and i'm sure any well-wishing would be appreciated.

ok, um, this post is naught but an excuse to sit still in front of the fan for a few minutes. i need to get back to my list of tasks for the day but the humidity... it is trying to kill me. or at least make me nap. but i'm running out of things to write - unless you want to know about the most exciting part of yesterday, which was finding a disposable, enclosed litter box that we can use in the car when we're traveling for 3 days with the kitties.

not really. the most exciting thing was the visit from [ profile] madmadharri and [ profile] be_not_afraid and the ensuing mary kay party led by [ profile] annelarissa at which i may possibly have purchased a whole bunch of makeup.

yeah. anyway. i miss you all.
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oh yes, i am so awesome. i have destroyed yet another computer. go me.


it's not as bad as all that. the computer was already mostly useless. it couldn't run office. i was only using it because my laptop has no power source (right, bc i broke that too) and it could run explorer and outlook, so good enough for now. then, yesterday, nasty virus attack. and in trying to get rid of it, it seems rach and i deleted key things it needs to connect to the internet. so now it won't. so... crap.

again, could be worse. i am getting a new computer shortly - already ordered, in fact. still, i am inconvenienced and annoyed. and my already sparse lj presence may be further reduced, since i will be sharing rach's computer for a while.

i have barely been on anyway. i've become quite obsessive about getting things done. important, preparing-to-move type things. which is great, but a little weird. and really, not exactly ideal. what i'm doing to relax these days is collapsing in front of the tv in the evenings and watching whatever is on, or sometimes some s2 gilmore girls. which is not awful, but i'm missing lj and friends. i'm just so tired (and so fucking hot), it's hard to imagine even going over to the computer. and once you get a little out of it, it's hard to get back in.

i have read some recent fic, and i had windows open so i could feedback the authors when i felt up to it, and then of course i lost all those. sad times. the one fannish thing i've been keeping up with is beta-ing for [ profile] jjtaylor who has been out of control prolific lately. what was it, 6 challenges in a month and a half or something like that? craziness. wonderful craziness. head to her journal for good fic.

so, yes, the point. i won't be around here consistently for a while, likely until after the move (july 14-18), so don't assume i've read anything. e-mail me if you need me or need me to know something.

and on that topic, i'm going to stop using my lj e-mail address for a while bc no, i actually don't need help with that erection, thanks though. so don't use it. use my gmail. which is totallygeeky.

love to you all.
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omg i am so fucking tired. i blame the unfortunate cooincidence of pms, heat, tag sale and unprecedented productivity. you want to know what i did today? hm? well, i figured out some financial things, i set up new e-mail and let people know of the new address (however, my current address book is incomplete so let me know if you need the new address*), i mailed thank you cards, i did 4 loads of laundry and dropped off the comforter cover at the dry cleaners, i typed up and sent a beta, started another beta, returned library books, made tag sale signs and hung them (with [ profile] mmm_cake, [ profile] scottxwl and [ profile] annelarissa), and... i don't know, maybe that's it.

and i still have to unearth the washer/dryer and clean it up, finish the beta and pack one box of stuff. and, right now, feed the cat.

omg i am so tired.

*phineasjones at lj goes to the right place, so that will always work, should you need me.


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