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did teen wolf get better? or have i been drinking the koolaid?

anyway. i have a tuesday in my life for you.

tuesday started with a bustle. rach had to be to work by 8 instead of 9 so we had a bunch to get done before she left. willa... has not yet grasped the concept of 'hurrying.'

we were expecting willa's pal, cora, so i brought out the double stroller we bought off craig's list. willa is obsessed with strollers right now so she played in it for a while.

cora showed up around 9 and they did some of their usual play activities, including romping around in willa's crib. cora has a bed, so maybe the crib seems novel to her.

then we took the stroller for its inaugural ride. they seemed into it, though it was HORRIBLY HOT. omg. 95-ish and so sunny. we just walked to the safeway a few blocks away.

i gave them pouches of yogurt and fruit to keep the happy as i shopped and it worked like a charm.

by the time we got home, cora - who had been begging to go outside - said, "is hot! go inside!" that bad. so they played some inside games.

and then they seemed to forget and we wound up outside again. they played in our water and sand table and the slide. i tried to sit in the shade as much as they would let me.

man, you wouldn't think it would be so hard to get kids to eat star-shaped PB&J but these girls are picky. they ate at least some, so i felt ok. but when does the love for PB&J kick in? 3? 4?

then came the blessed time when cora's dad picked her up, willa went down for her nap and i sprawled out on the couch and watched teen wolf.

that was awesome but then look what those toddler frat boys did to my house!

i'm trying trying trying to hold back the flood of chaos, so i picked up.

willa 'woke up' from her nap but she was still a crashy wreck of sleepy crankiness. whyyyyyyyy.

willa helped me fold some laundry. by which i mean that she took laundry i had already folded out of the basket and thew it around the room. at least she stacked a few things nicely up here.

willa and buster have a complicated relationship. and poor jacques is caught in the middle.

days when willa is home with me, she asks for rachael all day long. "mama, home." she loves it when rachael finally returns.

last night after dinner we had to go over to willa's daycare for our monthly cleaning shift. it's not my favorite thing about the family coop daycare. we save money by doing the nightly cleaning by ourselves. but oy. bleach EVERYTHING and vaccuum and sweep and wash and do dishes and clean the diaper areas and take out trash and... stuff. it takes 2 hours-ish and it's pretty intense. i try to do most of it since rachael needs to be careful of her back, etc. but last night she did the vacuuming. here she's taking a little break, reading to willa from one of the things i do love about the daycare - the books they make about each child with pictures of what they're up to and little write-ups about how they're developing. so fun.

then it was home, put willa down for the night, watch the fosters, pump, crash.
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