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day in the life photos! i said i was going to do them and i did. follow-through! that's what they call that, right?

before that, i just want to share that i realized something about teen wolf. there have been many times when i've wondered why on earth the makers chose to cgi certain scenes involving derek. just now, looking at some stills from a future ep, i realized... it's just hoechlin. he just sometimes looks and moves like an unreal person. huh.

anyway, moving on! a monday in my life in pictures.

so, technically, this was today. willa's first wake up. it was a pretty easy and brief one and then she slept through until 5, so i really have no complaint. not much complaint.

though at 5 we brought her to bed with us and she was a little restless. so when i got up around 6:45, i was pretty flippin groggy.

it was a pretty typical monday morning, including things like willa dumping all her cereal on the floor. sigh.

to be fair, this is far from the worst state she's left this room in.

rachael dropped willa off at daycare and went swimming. i headed out for my walk/jog around the lake.

it was my first day of a C25K program and it was exTREMEly hot. i was seriously tuckered out by the end.

came home and rectified the kitchen situation.

this sums up a monday in the life of buster.

got myself dressed in my pre-work, hanging around with a toddler clothes.

i did a whole bunch of work that would not have made interesting photographs and then made myself this tasty cheese and avocado sammy.

then it was off to pick up the boodle from her daycare, where she was having a spastically good time.

i brought willa home, put her down to nap and did a bunch more work. and then i put on my makeup. i've been into heavy eye makeup lately, as you can see. (this shiny delight of a face is the before pic.)

after. ps that's not how i ever wear my hair. so much forehead!

willa was very cranky post-nap. this is pretty typical and i don't know why or what to do about it.

she remained cranky for a while.

then we got into the game that goes: spread diaper, put baby doll on diaper, try to diaper doll, whine for help, get mom to put diaper on, attempt to remove diaper, scream like a nazgul being murdered until mom removes diaper, repeat, repeat, REPEAT FOREVER.

that was followed by the game that goes like this: nurse, constantly and forever.

i finally got her off the boob long enough to sit with me and share some of my early dinner.

then rach got home and i changed into my work outfit and went off to my board meeting.

and after the board meeting, rehearsal. swing into summer! with a 9-piece swing band. it's going to be a good concert. it's going to be my LAST CONCERT with them. this was my penultimate regular rehearsal with them. one more monday and then a dress rehearsal and a concert and I'M DONE. this makes me happy happy happy.

and now i'm home and snacking on cheddar bunnies and trying not to get spoiled for teen wolf. and i need to pump some breastmilk and put myself to bed!
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