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I know that it is folly to think I can have a complete life makeover at all, never mind in one week. I know it will be unsatisfying in some or all ways and that will make me feel bad and like a failure and the whole thing will be a pointless disaster.

So I’m going to try it anyway!

It starts with a list of what’s going on in my life that is not working for me right now:

1. My house is messy. It’s not as bad as it could be. We get our house cleaned every two weeks now and that’s amazing. But there’s all this stuff they don’t deal with – dishes and clutter and the constant chaos of life with a toddler. The constant chaos of me not cleaning up after myself and being all scattered and exhausted. We’re having a baby at home sometime in the next month and I don’t want it to feel chaotic when that happens. We created systems to maintain a decent house. We have not been using them.

2. My stuff is disorganized. We made some great systems this year, but we haven’t been maintaining them recently. There is too much. I am overwhelmed.

3. I am avoiding. People. Work. Responsibilities. Hard thoughts. Plans. If it would be helpful for me to be thinking about it and dealing with it, I am avoiding it and watching tv.

4. We’re not ready for the baby. Not, like, psychologically (well, maybe, but that’s something else) but, like, logistically. We have a looooooong list of things we need and want to do before he gets here. And we have from 0 to 30-something days in which to accomplish it all.

5. I’m supporting Rach as best I can in any moment, but I think I could be doing more. When I get all overwhelmed and out of sorts, it’s hard to spend my small amount of functional thought on how best to support someone else. But this is the time I should be doing that. I’ve been where she is and it is much harder than where I am, even is this is a legitimately hard place.

6. I’m not doing a great job of taking care of myself. The running is fantastic and I need to keep that up as much as I can. It’s been great for me. But, in terms of the physical, I also really need to work on my core. My back hurts too often and I know it’s because my core is weak. I am not getting enough sleep and it’s only partially because of Willa. Knowing she’s likely to wake, I should go to bed earlier. I’m not flossing. I sometimes take my vitamins and supplements and sometimes don’t. I should probably be taking iron and I’m not.
It is craziness to think I can get a handle on any/most/all of this in the next week/couple weeks. But I don’t care! I’m going to dooooooo eeeeeeeet. The thing I know now is that once the is a new baby, ain’t shit getting done. Even if we get the calm baby who loves to sleep which is what we’ve ordered. So, what I need is a plan of attack for my week. Here we go.


1. Floss
2. Exercise (MWF – run, TThSu – core, Sa – yoga)
3. Get in the shower before 10 am
4. Take vitamins, iron and meds
5. Daily house maintenance tasks
6. Talk to Willa about things related to the baby coming
7. Go to bed by 10:30 (That’s right. That’s what I said.)

1. Wash kitchen towels, willa bibs and washcloths
1. Was Willa’s diapers
2. Water plants
3. Take out trash and recycling
1. Do some load of laundry
1. Wash Willa’s diapers
1. Clean out fridge
2. Do some load of laundry
1. Make a meal plan for the week
1. Buy groceries
2. Buy food for Willa’s daycare
3. Wash Willa’s diapers



1. CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. Really, like the whole house. Wash all the dishes. Get all the crap off the floor. Clear the tables.
2. Answer every stupid outstanding e-mail in my stupid inbox. No exceptions, no excuses. JUST CLEAN IT OUT UGUUGHHGHHG.
3. Read the paperwork to find out what I have to do to adopt the new baby.
4. Drop off receipts from work conference (which are overdue)
Five. Plan some meals and buy some groceries.

TUESDAY (reality says: home with Willa all day and cleaning shift at her daycare at night. Keep it short):

1. Build drawers for bedroom baby clothes storage. Sort his clothes into them.
2. Do a shit ton of laundry
3. Spend an hour on church work
4. Gather all birth-related stuff into semi-tidy area


1. Sort through every fucking pile of paper in the dining room. GET RID OF MOST OF IT.
2. Make all the horrible phone calls I don’t want to make but need to.
3. Home visit with the midwife
4. Proofread birth-related legal docs
5. Finalize birth plan
6. Spend another horrible hour doing church work
7. Finish composing lullaby for new baby
8. Get Rachael a present
9. Set up a surprise brunch date for Rachael

On hold until plans solidify


1. Get rid of stupid things in the kitchen that we don’t need.
2. Clear off back porch/bring things to the basement.
3. Update birth announcement e-mail list
4. Make a plan for next week

What do you think, can I do all that? Hahahaha whatever at least I wrote it down.

But no, really, I’m going to do it. And to make sure, I’m going to start by posting humiliating photos of the current state of affairs. That post, coming right up.
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