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[ profile] inkjunket and i exchanged prompts last night. i got brendon/cash and the cape of fail. and the result is schmoop.

Lucky You
700ish words
thanks to [ profile] inkjunket for the beta-type help. <3

Are you telling me you went on stage without your pants? )
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first, unrelated to the rest of this post - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERARD WAY. really, i mean that with all my heart.

now. let's talk brendon.

these days, i spend about 50% of my thoughts on brendon urie and 50% on everything else. and i am not alone. [ profile] inkjunket made the clever connection the other day that brendon is like the sirius/remus of bandom. because there is SO MUCH in bandom that i love and am amused by and care about and that is meaningful to me. but brendon. he takes over my thoughts and i spend time, like, actively worrying and wondering about him ('thoughtful worrying,' as [ profile] jjtaylor describes it). this is the first time this kind of thing has happened to me in a real person fandom and as such, it's a little confusing. am i thinking about brendon the character or brendon the person? i think it's kind of both.

i have things to do with my day so i can't really write the post about the things i think and worry about brendon. it has a lot to do with my belief that he is queer and how weird and hard that must be in the context of decaydance/fbr. and lately it has some to do with his relationship to the cab (hence brendon/cash) and to ryan and to his band. and... brendon!

and so now i feel the need to picspam. just some pics of brendon being brendon and brendon with his band. because... BRENDON )


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