Jun. 19th, 2009

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[profile] anabelwumpkins is here! and asleep upstairs. she had quite a day - twelve hours of travelling, delays included. it should not take that long to get from boston to denver. but she's here now! yay.

thanks to people who voted in the highway poll. i'm pretty sure i'm going to take I80 through wyoming, which is what the vast majority of you selected. it did give me pause, though, that the majority of people who live around here and have been on those roads before chose I70. but i get to take 70 on the way back, when i can make rach drive through the mountains and close my eyes during the scary parts.

i continue to read as though i am not a fannish serial monogomist. star trek, merlin, bandom, due south. i am enjoying it but still feeling a little floaty and rootless. it's odd.

here are my favorite things i've read recently -

thing-thing by [personal profile] sinsense. frank/gerard high school au. omg, i love this story, friends. so hilarious, so teeange boy real, and also so sweet and fairytale-esue. and there is some excellent art and music to go with it.

play and record, held down together by [profile] snakevsladder. pete/mikey high school au. hmm, do we sense a theme? i've read this basic story before - geeky quiet mikeyway and soccer star jock boy* pete wentz just trying to make it work. but this is well done and long and satisfying.

inhabiting by [personal profile] gigantic. chris pine/zachary quinto. my favorite of this pairing so far. excellent dialoque, subtle and sneaky and pretty much captivating.

and now i'd better go get dressed so i'm ready to have exciting visitor times... when anney gets up. :)

*ok, so maybe it was different in your school, but in mine, the soccer players were not jocks. i have to suspend my disbelief for all such pete/mikeys. no one went to our soccer games, no one cared about the soccer players (who were actually some of the cooler guys in my class, imo, and not at all jockish), and they certainly didn't have cheerleaders. you?
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forgot to say in my last post, i have 3 dreamwidth codes free to good homes. just let me know if you want one.



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