Jun. 6th, 2013

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see, look, i really am back - posting two days in a row! \\\\o////

i am here for two things: to tell you my feelings about teen wolf s3e1 and to blither randomly.

teen wolfitude )

willa has a couple bffs - elsa and cora. elsa goes to her daycare and cora is my coworker's daughter. we take each other's kids every other tuesday morning, so willa gets to see cora once a week. except this last couple weeks they've been away. today we were at a playground and she saw someone she thought was cora and she pretty much chased her down. i felt so bad for her as i told her it wasn't cora, but i don't think she even believed me. which i also felt bad about, since that would mean cora was just ignoring her. she did seem to recover from this just fine.

we've had a pretty good morning together, me and willa. she ate well at breakfast, snack and lunch (pretty rare) and she went down to her nap without a whole lot of fuss. so today is pretty much a win so far... now it's all about how long the nap lasts and what we do with the afternoon before rachael comes home. i have no plans yet, which is the kiss of death. i should really come up with something. man, it is hard to be a lazy procrastinator with a baby around. they are seriously not in to hanging around and doing nothing. or... sometime they are, actually, but their version of that includes destroying things in your house while you're trying to chill out. sometimes i just let is happen for a few minutes of calm. yep. that's my parenting method. i can always buy more toilet paper/wash the ink off the wall/get a new cat.


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