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[ profile] inkjunket and i exchanged prompts last night. i got brendon/cash and the cape of fail. and the result is schmoop.

Lucky You
700ish words
thanks to [ profile] inkjunket for the beta-type help. <3

Are you telling me you went on stage without your pants? )
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i wrote it! whew. and here it is, my contribution to the current [ profile] stop_drop_porn challenge.

Title: Something to Rest Upon
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Summary: If Fraser were any kind of normal person, he would see how Ray is lying on his back in the tent, bundled up tight with his eyes closed, and he would get the picture. And shut up.
Prompt: Chase (ok, so you may have to squint a little. but in my mind, it's all there.)
Rating: R/NC-17
Notes: my inuit myth source is here. infinite thanks to betas [ profile] fearlessdiva and [ profile] jjtaylor. infinite.
Disclaimer: No claim on these characters (sadly), no money made off this venture (even more sadly).
Wordcount: About 3200

You see, Ray, she wouldn't marry the raven. )
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so, frankly, i was tired of thinking about bach by this morning. and decided to let myself spend a while thinking about ray and fraser having sleepy morning sex instead. and then i wrote it down. and so now i have a little pwp to share.

the next just sky
fraser/kowalski, R
app. 1,000 words

This was different. There was no tension here. There was no drive toward release. Fraser had been dreaming of this, longing for it. )
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heading off to rehearsal again. will make a real update sometime... like maybe tomorrow.

for now, comment fic! for [ profile] pearl_o who is having a hard day. and asked What do you think is Fraser's favorite quality of Ray Kowalski? and also said, Relatedly, I like it when people make them smooch. so...

two birds with one stone. except for no dead birds.  )
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i've decided to act in a hobbitty fashion and give a little something out on my birthday. this is the duck/dan mix i've been working on forever and ever. time to let it go. thanks to many for the inspiration to include some of these songs - especially [ profile] inkjunket who is the bestest fanmixer ever. she suggested something more than this and and these hands and they are so perfect and necessary. someone suggested ordinary town. was it [ profile] brooklinegirl? i've been trying to remember but the brain, it no work so good sometimes. 100,000 fireflies is from [ profile] pearl_o's wilby vid. and i could probably credit every other song to someone too, since i get all my music from you guys.

anyway, here it is. download and enjoy at will.

yesterday, today and tomorrow - individual songs on
yesterday, today and tomorrow - zip file at sendspace

selected lyrics )
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-yesterday in post-tonal was the third class in a row of midterm presentations. i decided i didn't care and spent the class writing this. it is off the cuff and unbeta-ed. and way to the schmoop end of the schmoop-porn continuum. but it was fun to write something.

five times fraser didn't notice that ray was trying to seduce him. )

-and ok, while poking around looking for canadian poetry, i found robert service. hello? am i the last person to know about him? and his poem, the call of the wild? i had just assumed ds was referring to the book i read in middle school in those last eps, but the poem... damn. it is the show. as a sample, the last stanza )

-also, i want to write again. i'm tired of not writing. but i need both practice and help. i'll take care of the practice if you will handle the help. in the form of five things prompts. please? i would like five things prompts about any of the following: due south, wilby, hard core logo, hugh/callum, and remus. i can give no guarantee about follow-through, because i know myself. but i want to try. please to help?
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um. i never wanted to see fraser wrapped in meat. and i never want to see it again. ew.

unrelatedly, i comment porned for [ profile] justbreathe80. perhaps a little long for comment porn. oops.

yay porn. fraser/kowalski. sleepy morning. )
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happy new year! mildly belated. :)

no time for a real post - probably not 'til i get back to denver. but i thought i'd share my shacking up secret santa fic.

i wrote ruse for [ profile] lisew. and i'll post it here too:

Title: Ruse
Author: [ profile] phineasjones
Summary: A plan, a plot, a ruse. And a Yule Ball.
Rating: PG
Recipient: [ profile] lisew
Notes: Thanks and love to [ profile] jjtaylor for the fast and fabulous beta.

Ruse )

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Title: One Is For You
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: It should be completely obvious that if I had any right to these characters, many things would be very different.
Gratitude: Huge thanks to [ profile] starbuckle, [ profile] jjtaylor and [ profile] madmadharri for beta.
Author's notes: This story is loosely based on ani difranco's song the diner. It is dedicated to [ profile] musesfool, who requested it as a prize for winning a text slash challenge. Thank you, Victoria, for getting me off my ass and working on this story. And for all the wonderful writing you put out into the world.

One Is For You )
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i spent my morning singing with [ profile] annelarissa and ::sigh:: happy. we did some good work on our duets and she brought this ggguuhh monteverdi duet that made me clutch at her arm several times. hold that suspension a little longer, claudio, you can do it. and then we made a special dance out of the extraneous movements we make while singing. and then she sang her audition pieces for me and she's going to kick ass and it was really a very lovely morning.

so. this first line drabble meme is making the rounds and i really want to play with everyone's but i'm halfway through the last chapter of dom/ron and i think i should finish that first, for my own sanity's sake. i did write one for [ profile] dorrie6 though, which actually is related to the dom/ron. sort of. it's a little something i would have worked in if i could have.

Elijah wakes with a start. )

several people have written drabbles for my first lines -

It was all his fault anyway. by [ profile] ursule. ron, remus, sirius, harry... wrap your mind around this one.

Hermione always feel dirty after sex with Ron. by [ profile] kaalee. hermione/ron,...

"Sirius, is that you?" by [ profile] jjtaylor. remus/(sirius?)

that's a painful bunch of drabbles. damn good, but ow. anyone want to write something fluffy? ;)
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title: cast a spell over the west
pairing: dominic monaghan/ron weasley
raiting: R
notes: when i started writing this, i thought i was writing one short scene of a silly crossover idea. and then a boring job and helpful inspiration from [ profile] inkjunket turned it into the longest thing i've written. due to the way it just sort of happened, it's un-betaed. and since i've moved on fandom-wise, it will never be betaed. i still love dom and ron, though. and i still love hp crossovers.

1. the alley encounter
2. dom and ron in a pub
3. dom and ron at the bookshop
4. dom and ron go to the movies
5. dom and ron after the movie
6. dom and ron get it on
7. dom and ron have a visitor
8. dom and ron and elijah have a chat.
9. dom and elijah have a whole bunch of visitors
10. "H" is for Harry
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[ profile] annecatherine asked for something fluffy. no angst, she said. and then she said make it sirius/remus.

... no angst.

while most humans have bodies composed of 70% water, sirius and remus are composed of at least 98% angst.

still, she won a prize, she gets a request. that's how the game goes. and this is what i wrote:

apology. sirius/remus. mwpp. 291 words. )


Aug. 4th, 2004 08:16 pm
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this is totally random, crossovery and for [ profile] scottxwl:

two of a kind. 100 words. )


Jul. 27th, 2004 01:56 pm
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[ profile] anniesj, i was going to write you smut. really. but. nope. you asked for sirius/remus involving water. that made me think of the raymond carver poem where water comes together with other water. which has the lines,

I'm 45 years old today.
Would anyone believe it if I said
I was once 35?
My heart empty and sear at 35!
Five more years had to pass
before it began to flow again

which in turn made me think of his poem, rain which has these lines,

Would I live my life over again?
Make the same unforgivable mistakes?
Yes, given half a chance. Yes.

which led me to write something. in which sirius comes back. i am generally not supportive of such fics, because i need to believe he's really dead for my own mental health. and this fic is kind of about that. yes. kind of. and i think this is a draft... may send to beta. not sure. thanks to [ profile] mmm_cake for checking for spelling and typos.

rain. sirius/remus.  )
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ok, the wee fic has been cleaned up and is ready for re-release. thanks to jenny.

title: Objectively Speaking
author: phineas
summary: This closet was definitely too small for two people. Especially when one was a Weasley.
rating: PG
disclaimer: these character's are not mine.
notes: this is for [ profile] kaalee - and overgrown prize for her winning TextSlash. many, many thanks to [ profile] starbuckle for beta.

Objectively Speaking )

feedback is appreciated.
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what? how am i posting in the middle of the day??? :) i'm home for lunch, since rach is away and i have the car. and i wrote a drabble for [ profile] jjtaylor this morning as her prize for yesterday's textslash. so i thought i'd post it.

it's 118 words but i don't feel inclined to cut it back. so there.

comparisons are odious. remus/viggo. )

and btw, the textslash entries so far today are hilarious. y'all rock my socks. and now i have to go back to work. wah.
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100 words. just because.

tip. harry/ron. pg. )
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this was going to be a drabble. really, it was. but now it's 467 words. oops.

just us. dean/seamus. pg-ish. )
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whew. all this yummy girlslash going around. makes me wanna drabble...

Clean. Hermione/Ginny. 100 words. )

ok! matrix betaing down, hp to go! i think i have to go mash some potatoes in preparation for dinner and NoEx with [ profile] scottxwl and [ profile] annelarissa. never fear, the beta will happen. oh yes, it will. ::random maniacal laugh::
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so yesterday [ profile] bonibaru mentioned that it was something like Totally Pointless Drabble Day. oh how i love this concept. sadly, it seemd to be making its way around people not on my flist. but since i don't want to work on the stupid letter, i decided to write a pointless drabble. and since its goal was to be pointless, i decided to shoot for an actual 100 words this time - which i don't think i've ever done before. and i made it, 100 exactly.

totally pointless remus/sirius drabblage )
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i spent pretty much the entirety of yesterday knitting and watching angel (seasons 1 and 2). really. i didn't do anything productive... didn't even check lj or my e-mail. and for once, i let myself enjoy the snowy day, home from work, rach home from cancelled classes. i didn't constantly guilt trip myself like the neurotic freakazoid that i am. it was a really nice day.

but of course, today i must pay. i need to put in those lost work hours and such. i'm mostly caught up on my lj now. mostly. some things to read. it's always the days when i'm distracted that everyone and her cat posts fic.

and ok, so i'm late to the wip amnesty party. but i actually have some... it was appalling to look through my folder and find the really old stuff. whoa. that will never ever see the light of day. ::shudders:: but there's a few i don't mind sharing, though they're just bits that start nowhere and go nowhere.

this is sirius/remus, fluffy smut... breaks off suddenly when i gave up. starts with sort of a summary of what i was thinking... i hope i wasn't planning to leave it that way. sirius/remus, mwpp )

and here was a start of a harry/ron that i think was going to be part of [ profile] starbuckle and my series before we changed our minds about what parts to write on. harry/ron, GoF )

harry/ron-ish. just harry actually. i thought about using this as part of something... but i don't think i did. can't actually remember. harry. alone. )

this was going to be a birthday ficlet for [ profile] camillafarfalla. it was going to be short, cute and to the point. but i just couldn't make anything out of it. sorry, love. it wasn't for lack of trying. harry/draco )

and then these.... snippets of grieving remus. i posted these when i wrote them. and then i though about working them into the remus/bran. which i don't think i'll ever get to writing. not while my brain is so lotr-focused anyway. but the project still intrigues me - and owes much to c.s. lewis.
remus. post-ootp. )

eesh. a little heavy. no wonder i stopped writing it. yes, ok. that's all i have to offer. i write so little, i'm surprised there was that much. i'm going to hold off on apologizing for badness and just seize the word 'amnesty.' right. amnesty. ok, good.

wee fic!

Sep. 9th, 2003 11:31 am
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whee! i wrote something. something schmoopy and drabble-ish. it's totally a songfic. ahaha. huge geekerific points if you know which song. whew, i've almost cheezed myself out doing this.

i have written precious little h/d and i owe some to [ profile] camillafarfalla. so this is dedicated to her - who i miss and love.

how it goes. harry/draco. )
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move along. nothing to see here. i just need to put my wee remix fic here so i can link it in my memories. which is the only place where i have everything i've written. which may not really be the best idea. alas. so, yeah, this is not new. just doing it for my own purposes.

blue. a remix of green. harry/ron. R.  )

drabble 2

Jun. 20th, 2003 09:10 am
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guten tag. well, i don't usually attempt the drabblage before 9 am, so this is a little something different. it's also my first ever twincest. it's all very innocent. sort of. but i have to save up the smut for when i get to [ profile] addictedkitten's words: naked, skin, lick.

these words were: louche, barnacle, panoramic. louche being the one that tripped me up this time around.
hp for catja )

drabble 1

Jun. 19th, 2003 08:24 pm
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oy. i didn't know what i was getting myself into. you people are cruel. well, not all of you. cookies i can handle. but symplegades? anyway, there will be some firsts for me in these...

my first ever het. it's not really all that het. oops.
the words were altitude, quiescent and farmer
hp for bonibaru )

[edit] where are my manners? thanks to [ profile] hominidj, [ profile] wax_jism and [ profile] cupiscent for help with the use of the word quiescent.
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after MUCH lj-posting strife, here it is! this is a companion to [ profile] starbuckle's keeper, posted moments ago. both follow in the harry/ron series we've been writing - first four here: just isn't done, not for him, morning and after.

Seeker - Harry/Ron - R - 946 words )


Apr. 7th, 2003 01:09 pm
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oops! i wrote another wee ron/goyle. i think this will also be for [ profile] harrimad_sol, cuz extended birthdays rock. also, um, oddly, i think this is the dirtiest thing i've written. and no, it's not all that dirty.

quiet )
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a wee drabble for the birthday of the beautiful ms. [ profile] harrimad_sol... many thanks to [ profile] starbuckle for some on-the-spot bunny- and beta-ing, and apologies to her also, for being impossible and cranky.

love to harrimad! you're the best!

Never Tell )
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for the Veela Inc Valentine's Day Challenge
Title: All Souls' DAy
Author: phineas
Author's e-mail:
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Spoilers: for PoA and GoF
Summary: Remus waits. Sirius returns.
Author's notes: all of you who have been reading along here know what this little story did to me. i am so glad to have done it though and i am eternally grateful to those who helped me. [ profile] annelarissa, [ profile] starbuckle, [ profile] fearlessdiva and [ profile] cimorene111 provided invaluable and insightful beta commentary. cim and [ profile] wax_jism were great with the calming and coaching along the way. and special thanks to wax for the tips on forestry.

all souls' day )


Jan. 3rd, 2003 08:50 pm
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yeah baby, that's right! [ profile] starbuckle and i have more harry/ron for y'all. all angsty and ready to roll.

as posted at [ profile] hpdrabble, same storyline as just isn't done by [ profile] starbuckle and not for him - see here and here for pretty formatting. takes place during 4th year...

Morning )

companion to [ profile] starbuckle's After.
we write the angsty harry/ron. i love us. :P


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