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dudes, it is so incredibly stupid hard to get anything at all done while caring for a toddler. i know this and have known this but i still try to convince myself that i can do it. it makes for CRAZYTOWN. the best part of the day was when i took her to a playground and the only goal was a fun time:



at least i managed to dress myself yesterday and floss and do all of that business.


here's the rundown...


1. Build drawers for bedroom baby clothes storage. Sort his clothes into them.



we already had the shelves, i just assembled the drawer unit thingies. and they're filled with new babies clothes, all sorted and ready to go.

2. Do a shit ton of laundry

in progress. i did 4 and a half loads yesterday and have at least that much left for today. and a ton of folding. ugh.

3. Spend an hour on church work

fail. i just didn't have the mental energy for it during willa's nap, which was the only possibly time i could have done it.

4. Gather all birth-related stuff into semi-tidy area

done! ("semi" being an operative word)


there's actually some more stuff on the way, but this is our start. the midwife comes to the house today and she'll be checking this all out and making sure she approves. here's hoping!

on the up side, the house is still as clean as it was on monday. which is a NEW RULE: i cannot go to bed until the house looks at least as good as it did on monday, ideally better.

on the very down side, i went to bed at 1 am. cleaning at willa's daycare meant i was occupied pretty much from rachael leaving in the morning until i left willa's room at almost 10 pm. winding down/cleaning up took way longer than i would have liked. then willa woke at 4:30. i have not had enough sleep. i feel like ass. i just had a large cup of coffee but it felt like nothing. except to my stomach which is not in good shape. blerrrrrg.


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