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our friend, daisy, is staying with us today. she is pretty much the best house guest who ever was. she always shows up with gifts for no particular reason - for us or the baby or both. she is completely blunt about her wants and needs in a way that is still somehow perfectly polite. it's reassuring because you know that if you've forgotten to offer daisy something she needs, she will ask for it, nbd. she will tell us what she wants out of the day and ask what we want so we can make them fit together or decide when to part ways. and she usually has some idea of what she wants, so it's not all up to us. she is tidy, she enjoys watching crappy tv, she likes going out to eat. also she's funny and smart and nice and all those things. srsly, the perfect guest.

unrelatedly... i am an aunt! (ish, not technically the child of a sibling, but the child of a person i consider close like a sibling. he'll call me auntie, so that's good enough.) i want to tell you more, but it isn't my story to tell, dernit! i'm really happy about it, though. i'll just say that. for long time, i've felt like my family is tiny, and it's true that i have two close actually related family members in the whole world. but now there's rachael and willa and rachael's mom (and her husband) and brother and now these two who i love have a baby who will be close to willa's age and even closer to baby #2's. it's really frickin exciting!


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