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12 june 2007

um. this is my bedroom. seen in a mirror. the mirror's etched with branches. rach and i did the etching last year when we were having a crafty night. yes, this was yet another late night, oh-shit-i-forgot-to-take-a-picture picture.

i'm very pleased that i'm not headed to the university for more labeling and stuffing this morning. i get to stay home and play housewife instead. which is totally my favorite game this summer so far. the house is looking shiner every day. rach declares her love for flylady at least once a day.

i will do other productive things too, i promise. i just don't feel like yapping about them.

oh, hey, i'm having a fannish thought...

recently i read a fraser/kowalski story with a painfully angsty ending. but it took place within the series. so... ha! it's very easy to think through the rest of the story, after it ends, and make it into a happy ending in my head. because canon gives them a happy ending. i could cry for joy. because. sirius/remus is the exact opposite, of course. any story with a happy ending for them (with a few exceptions, i suppose) is made painful and bittersweet by the canon ending we all know is approaching. there is no purely happy ending for them. but for f/k, as long is it takes place within canon, there is no purely sad ending. (ok, i'm sure you could prove me wrong but let's take it as a general point, ok?)

how much do i love due south?
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i wrote it! whew. and here it is, my contribution to the current [ profile] stop_drop_porn challenge.

Title: Something to Rest Upon
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Summary: If Fraser were any kind of normal person, he would see how Ray is lying on his back in the tent, bundled up tight with his eyes closed, and he would get the picture. And shut up.
Prompt: Chase (ok, so you may have to squint a little. but in my mind, it's all there.)
Rating: R/NC-17
Notes: my inuit myth source is here. infinite thanks to betas [ profile] fearlessdiva and [ profile] jjtaylor. infinite.
Disclaimer: No claim on these characters (sadly), no money made off this venture (even more sadly).
Wordcount: About 3200

You see, Ray, she wouldn't marry the raven. )
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ok, one last post and them i'm really going to go to school. really.

yesterday, i watched mountie on the bounty (yes, again). and some things struck me for the first time. not that omg, this is the most fantastically goofball show ever. that's old news. and not that ckr is just unfathomably beautiful. i knew that. nope, this was--

all about fraser )
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so, frankly, i was tired of thinking about bach by this morning. and decided to let myself spend a while thinking about ray and fraser having sleepy morning sex instead. and then i wrote it down. and so now i have a little pwp to share.

the next just sky
fraser/kowalski, R
app. 1,000 words

This was different. There was no tension here. There was no drive toward release. Fraser had been dreaming of this, longing for it. )
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heading off to rehearsal again. will make a real update sometime... like maybe tomorrow.

for now, comment fic! for [ profile] pearl_o who is having a hard day. and asked What do you think is Fraser's favorite quality of Ray Kowalski? and also said, Relatedly, I like it when people make them smooch. so...

two birds with one stone. except for no dead birds.  )
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friends, i need your help.

i love due south. i love the fandom. i love the characters and the fic and the vids and all of it. but it lacks one thing, imo. and that is [ profile] jjtaylor.

it has been a very long time since i've been in a fandom without jj. since i 'met' her, i think. and, great as due south is, i think it would be that much greater if she were in it too. yes. because she is smart and think-y and such an amazing writer. i want her in my fandom of choice, all the time, whatever it may be. and so. i think it needs to be my personal mission to get her on in to this fandom, because i can't imagine leaving it any time soon.

so. let's pimp her on in!

the woman is in 50,000 fandoms and has, you know, a life too. so we need to help her see that it's worth it to add yet another fannish love to her lot. please, answer some (or all) of these questions here for [ profile] jjtaylor to read. help her see the awesomeness she is missing.

tell [ profile] jjtaylor:

1. a thing you love about due south, the show.
2. a thing you love about due south, the fandom.
3. a thing you love about benton fraser.
4. a thing you love about ray kowalski.
5. a thing you love about ray vecchio.
6. a thing you love about diefenbaker.
7. how about a picture or a link or something? an enticing look or touch between characters, a funny clip, a great vid.

my answers )

[ profile] jjtaylor, darling. i know you're already tempted. i know that you know that you could love this. you already see the greatness of ckr, and that's an important factor. so, what will it take? you say the word, and there will be dvds in the mail toward you. i mean that. until then, i hope folks will help me entice you. i miss sharing fannish insanity with you. ♥ ♥ ♥
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-yesterday in post-tonal was the third class in a row of midterm presentations. i decided i didn't care and spent the class writing this. it is off the cuff and unbeta-ed. and way to the schmoop end of the schmoop-porn continuum. but it was fun to write something.

five times fraser didn't notice that ray was trying to seduce him. )

-and ok, while poking around looking for canadian poetry, i found robert service. hello? am i the last person to know about him? and his poem, the call of the wild? i had just assumed ds was referring to the book i read in middle school in those last eps, but the poem... damn. it is the show. as a sample, the last stanza )

-also, i want to write again. i'm tired of not writing. but i need both practice and help. i'll take care of the practice if you will handle the help. in the form of five things prompts. please? i would like five things prompts about any of the following: due south, wilby, hard core logo, hugh/callum, and remus. i can give no guarantee about follow-through, because i know myself. but i want to try. please to help?
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before we start, let me tell you that it took a LONG TIME to put this post together. if no one reads and/or comments, i might cry. ;)


i think the easiest way to introduce the clueless to the wonder that is callum keith rennie is to retrace my own happy journey of discovery and take you along with me.

i will cut this because it is image-heavy and also because it is likely to contain vague spoilers for bsg, due south, wilby wonderful, hard core logo and last night. but they will be vague, i promise. just a few character details and general plot outlines. if you want to know about ckr but need to stay virginally free of anything resembling a spoiler, let me know and i can try to send you an edited version.

oh, callum. [image-heavy post] )

seasoned lovers of ckr, feel free to chime in with you own pics or your own reasons to love him.

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and hi, there has been way too little fannish content here of late. so. here's some.

1. first, a meme snatched (most recently) from [ profile] justbreathe80:
that meme where you have to say everything you know about those of your friends' fandoms that you know only through fannish representations, rather than through ever having watched any.

this should be good for me because there are a great many fandoms i only know through you all.

2. i LOVE [ profile] ds_recsredux and especially their stop drop recs this week. so much awesomeness. i could read f/k kisses forever and never grow weary. and with the number of fics recced and other rec lists mentioned within which there are yet more recs lists... i think i could actually, literally read f/k kisses forever. \o/

3. there are some fraser/kowalski stories in my head that i am just craving. and i have no idea whether anyone's written such stories but if not, i wish they would.
-one is post-cotw, on the adventure. fraser and ray become snuggly. like, they just lose physical boundaries without it being actually sexual (for the time being). they cuddle by the fire, rest heads on each other's laps, curl up together in their sleeping bags, hug frequently... all kinds of stuff you know they would be doing in chicago if only no one were watching. and then they get to whatever town and they're in a hotel in their separate beds and ray realizes he is far colder in his real bed with real blankets alone than he was on the frozen tundra with fraser. and that, of course, leads to other epiphanies. and sex.
sliding by [ profile] sageness come very, very close. and it's beautiful. but i want even more cuddling. and a more sudden epiphany.
-another is the one where fraser has huge issues with the gay thing. he's pretty much ok with accepting other people's gay (i mean, he was raised by librarians) but he is 100% freaked out by the thought that he could be... that way. and so when ray finally can't wait any more and kisses him, he actually does the freak out that every fic has one of them expecting. and then it's ray's job to deal with that. and somehow get from freakout to blowjob. of course.

sigh. i guess i have to do some homework now.
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um. i never wanted to see fraser wrapped in meat. and i never want to see it again. ew.

unrelatedly, i comment porned for [ profile] justbreathe80. perhaps a little long for comment porn. oops.

yay porn. fraser/kowalski. sleepy morning. )


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