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Aug. 1st, 2005 09:46 am
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mmm. i am currently enjoying a fabulous breakfast. it includes scrambled tofu from yesterday's lunch leftovers, beans and rice from yesterday's dinner leftovers and banana-blueberry bread that rach made last night in her first high altitude baking effort. it was a grand success. yum. and i am in breakfast heaven.

we made more visible progress with our unpacking yesterday. but i'm tired of progress. i want completion. this is taking too frickin long.

we also watched bride and prejudice which was enjoyable but on the edge of being too cheezy for me. it was all worth it just to see sayid naveen andrews getting down. and all the pretty people and pretty colors and fun dance scenes.

in her research on high altitude baking, rach came across other fun facts. like that the boiling point up here is lower. so, if you want to cook something by boiling it, you have to do it for longer than you would, say, in boston, because the temperature is lower. i probably learned that in sixth grade science class or something but i had thoroughly forgotten it. crazy. i'm worried that between the altitude and the electric stove we have here, my cooking will suffer. but... breakfast is good, so i guess i won't worry too much just now.


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