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*watching the HCT videos, all i could really think was GRETA/ALEX OMGEEEEEEEEE!!!! is there any possible way they are/were not actually dating? i just... don't see it. god, that last day one where alex opens the door to the bus and calls 'gretaaa, i brought you fries!' ♥__♥ also, calling it summer camp? not helping. i heart them so much. though it makes me very sad for bob because obvsly he is very in love with greta. and so this is painful for him, living on the same bus as them and all. and then they go off on their own tour and... what? does greta pine? was it just a tour thing? bob is very careful around her, of course. he loves her and doesn't want her to be sad. he is waiting in the wings guy, not all pretty and rumpled and vegan like alex, but a good, solid guy. he would be so good to her. one day she'll realize, right? one day?

*saw the tentative panic tour dates. broomfield, ok. i'm curious to see the place from the inside after watching it be built on my drives to and from boulder over the last several years. and i don't care about the plain white t's or dashboard confessional and i was thinking i don't really care about seeing the cab again either and then I AWOKE FROM MY STUPOR and realized... PANIC TOURING WITH THE CAB = BRENDON/CASH YAY. oh, so happy.

*i saw the hush sound! it was all kinds of awesome. below the cut, i will tell you why. and i will share my photos (and vids) which, for once, are actually kind of good. not the ones of the cab, which i took from a far off balcony. but the ones of the hushies, for which i was much better situated.

dance cross the country! at the bluebird in denver )


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