Aug. 19th, 2013

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i am currently pretending i can't see my cat in the window, obviously wanting to come in the house. he was bugging the crap out of me before i let him out. poor buster. he cannot help himself. BUT HE DRIVES ME CRAZY.


bulleted lists follow, but my summary of last week is that is was very successful. perhaps my life is not entirely made over (as we all believed it would be, no doubt) but i have achieved enough progress that i no longer feel quite so panicked. the house, especially is in much better shape. though it is a CONSTANT BATTLE. hence, this does not mean i can fuck off and stop my diligent efforts. so now, more lists.

as should surprise exactly no one, i got my period yesterday. so my insane urges to clean clean clean coincided with pms? crazy! :) the challenge now is not to lose that fervor while i'm crampy and exhausted. like, really, so tired. so, so tired. i really really really x 1,000 need to work on getting to bed earlier. if not, i don't see how i'll even manage to stay awake through rachael's labor.

some high points since i last checked in: (this includes adorable pictures of adorable children, in case that is more interesting to you than massive to do lists) )

so now i need to figure out which things to do on which days and what i'm doing today. that will be a separate post. and then i need to do those things.

oh, wow. this is relevant to nothing but i just opened FB and there's a post from the baby-birth-parenting place that's near us where i have gone for a million kids of help. we went to this nurse-in time thing they had on saturday where people gathered there then walked over to an ice cream place and all nursing moms got an ice cream. very sweet. but holy moly, there is my boob on facebook. i was not expecting that.
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ok, so here is where i decide which things to do on which days. first, i need to do my daily house maintenace/cleanup. i'm curious to know how long it takes, now that the house is in decent shape. i'm timing myself. starting... now...

ok. 29 minutes. kitchen took up most of that. willa wasn't into her cereal this morning and dumped the whole bowl on the floor. toddler!

lists for the week )
omg so much to do today. and it's already 12:30. ahahahaha. off to get soup ingredients. bye.


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