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it would be too absolutely, horrifically ridiculous for me to have just stubbed my toe again. so let's just say i didn't. yes, we'll say that.

my dad suggested snow shoes. that seems like a pretty good idea to me at this point.

but i'm not here for a pity party. i want to talk HBP. well, really, i want you to talk HBP. i haven't read anyone's thoughts yet and now i'm dying to. i'll go a-trolling for them, but if you were inclined to link me to anything you've typed up, or anything you've read and found particularly eloquent or interesting, i'd be eternally grateful.

i'm still a little dumbfounded myself, but i'll try to scrape up some initial reactions )

me and hbp

Jul. 12th, 2005 09:12 am
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when OotP came out, i had fun times with other fans, sat around in a barns and noble for hours and obtained my book about seven minutes after it was officially released. that will not be the way things shake down this year. when HBP comes out, i will be sleeping (i hope) in a pet-friendly motel outside of chicago. i don't know when i will be getting my copy, nor do i have any idea when i'll be able to read it. the 16th will see us on our way to a pet-friendly motel in lincoln, nebraska. the 17th should eventually find us in denver, where we will sleep on the floor of our house (after the traditional meal on the bare floor) and meet the truck full of our stuff on the morning of the 18th. we will then unpack as quickly as we can and i will commence studying for my preliminary exams.

somewhere in there, i will read the book. it makes me a little crazy that i can't just get it right away and spend two days reading (yes, it would take me at least that long, i am a slow, slow reader). but i suppose i'm lucky in that i will be away from lj anyway because of moving and such, so it's convenient for avoiding spoilers. except that it also makes me sad to be away from lj. ::sigh::

anyway. from the 14th on, i won't really be reading - because i won't have a chance to and because i really don't want to be spoiled this time. i may post - about the trip and all that, but won't be checking the flist for a while. wah.



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