Aug. 14th, 2013

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also today i need to figure out a gift for rachael. i want it to be something to make her feel loved and appreciated, a little thank you for the work she's doing for the family. i would looooove ideas is anything occurs to anyone.
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on the up side, the house is still as clean as it was on monday. which is a NEW RULE: i cannot go to bed until the house looks at least as good as it did on monday, ideally better.

on the very down side, i went to bed at 1 am. cleaning at willa's daycare meant i was occupied pretty much from rachael leaving in the morning until i left willa's room at almost 10 pm. winding down/cleaning up took way longer than i would have liked. then willa woke at 4:30. i have not had enough sleep. i feel like ass. i just had a large cup of coffee but it felt like nothing. except to my stomach which is not in good shape. blerrrrrg.


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