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[ profile] inkjunket is on her way back to MA. :( i've been consoling myself by writing up my thoughts on last night's HCT in denver. look, i organized my thoughts into neat little categories, for your reading pleasure:

line times and zack shenanigans )

the fillmore )

phantom planet )

the hush sound )

motion city soundtrack )

panic's awesome )

panic's < awesome )

conclusion )

pictures )
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HCT in boston concert report! long-delayed. it's LONG and has pics (of the meet and greet, etc) and videos (of the concert). this was such a great concert. it's only icing on the completely satisfying cake that i get to see this concert again in denver.

HCT boston, may 11 )

and now i'm off to bed for a few hours of sleep before we get up (at 4 fucking 30 in the morning) and fly to chicago. in chicago, we will meet up with [ profile] wildgreentide and drive to traverse city, michigan, where [ profile] anabelwumpkins and [ profile] scottxwl are getting married! \o/ so, i'm out for a few days. e-mail me if you need me. <3

oh, also, check out my new mood theme! :)


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