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yeah, so i saw my chemical romance monday night? and i would really love to write a concert report. but my brain is just not having it. i have this weird residual fuzziness thing happening. and am not adjusting well back into normal life after the insane, intense goodness of the fangirl weekend. i will say two things about the concert for now:


2. if i were not planning to see them again in nyc, i think i would be crying.

beyond that, i suggest you read [ profile] fuschia's post here for a real report.

i am just here to bring you tales - and pictures - of fangirl funtimes.

here there be goofy good times )
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23 november 2007

so [ profile] inkjunket and i are just back from the fall out boy concert. it was completely awesome. and i have two new boyfriends: travis mccoy and joe trohman. jooooooooooooe. omg. am in ♥. i will undoubtedly go on about that later. for now, have some pics - some by me and some (like the above) by [ profile] inkjunket* -and a couple videos and some lite reviewing and also some evidence of [ profile] inkjunket and i being total goofballs. and some unabashed trohman love.

young wild things )

*we really don't care if you use our pics for icons, picspams, whatever. mine suck pretty hard, so that seems a bit unlikely anyway. do as you will.

i will post more video tomorrow. for now, see more of our insanity in [ profile] inkjunket's post here.
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21 august 2007

chloe was doing her best to help me make some programming decisions yesterday. i appreciate her thoughtful concern.

it was hot. yesterday. hot. i'm frickin DONE with hot already. today is supposed to be cooler - high of 87. whatever. i'll take it. i see a forecast of 74 for friday and that is making pretty much pee my pants in excitement.

i'm going to boulder today to try to sort out my last program insecurities. and get some drugs (from the health center, of course) and look for a piece of music alexa needs and... well. just generally get myself acclimated to the place again. see people. but not myrtle. i'm going to try really hard not to see her. i head from alexa that yesterday, matt, scott and riikka were there and myrtle ran into them and told them she wants to take them to lunch today to talk about how to write a thesis. i am SO glad i was not there. so when i go in today, i will be tiptoeing by her office and hiding under my desk if she ventures down to the choral dungeon.

i'm going to start going back to friendslock soon. since i'm going to be teaching and all. just seems safest. i still don't like doing it. sigh.
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20 august 2007

so maybe rachael and i got a little silly when i realized i hadn't taken a picture yet last night. stella doesn't look especially amused.

my friend claire's brother had a baby recently and named said baby mckay. when i read that, i thought, huh, it must be another one of those mckenzie-type names. the fact that it makes me think of a certain meredith rodney is purely incidental. except when we were at claire's last week and we mentioned that mckay was a character on a show, she said, 'yeah! he said he's named after someone on some scifi show.' and we all got wide-eyed and quiet. and then laughed. omg. a baby named after mckay. that's... really something.
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18 august 2007

saturday we went to a bbq with rach's work people. then we stopped at city o' city for dessert. walking back to the car, i took a picture of the capital building and while i was waiting with my camera propped on top of a meter to keep it still while the picture took, a bus went by. i like the resulting picture better than the one without the bus.

19 august 2007

also this weekend, we bought a hammock stand (dirt cheap, thanks to rach's amazing craiglist-watching skillz) that actually works with the hammock we have. it is so nice. the only problem with it, imo, is that it's still so fucking hot every day that i don't want to go outside. i really hope that changed soon. but today isn't likely to be that day, with the forecast high of 93. sigh.

yesterday while rach and i were doing our weekly house cleaning, my muddled lethargy just... cracked. suddenly i felt motivated. for the first time in... well, since we got back from MA certainly. and not a moment too soon, man. i have so much to do this week, i could puke. but i won't. i'll just try to get it done instead, now that i feel like i can. one thing i accomplished yesterday was to get my inbox down to 14 messages. alxamdulilaah. i feel 10 pounds lighter, at least. ahhh.

i filled out this meme for [ profile] mrsronweasley, will you fill it out for me? questions for you )
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17 august 2007

yesterday, i did a big lot of nothing. well, i got my inbox under 100 messages. finally. i usually try to keep my inbox at 10 messages max but for some reason, it exploded toward the end of last semester and i just haven't been able to get it back down again. but i'm on my way now. so that's something. but then at a random moment in the afternoon, i was seized with the urge to go shoe shopping. so off i went to my friendly neighborhood payless (that's right, i buy cheap-ass shoes. it's where the vegans go, man). and lo, not only did i find a pair of awesome tweed-ish pumps, but i found a shiny red bag! i have been looking all over for the right shiny red bag for months. and there it was, at a payless 9 blocks from my house. and. it was bogo, so it only cost $9. that was a pleasant random shopping experience.

also yesterday i watched some s3 dr. who. i like martha. she's gorgeous and has a great ass as well as being a generally likable character. but omg, if the little doctor pining for rose moments don't stop soon, i might DIE. also, if they stop, i will DIE. so. no win, really.

and i typed in the e-mail addressed of incoming students who are interested in choir who i have to e-mail and encourage to audition. i already have a favorite. her addy is "loony4lupin." which is so much more awesome than all the soprano2007s or singergirl88s. there were a lot of 88s. does this mean that that is the year they were born? because... holy crap.

i plan to do more inbox cleanout over the next few days, so... there could be random comment catch up coming your way. or not. sometime when i goes this long, i let myself not answer. not for lack of love, just lack of sanity.

weekend goals:
-acquire bigger hammock stand
-shop for groomswoman dress
-clean the house
-go to water world
-finish chuppah sqaure (so close!)
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15 august 2007

i took this while walking home from the grocery store last night. i think i took it because the sky looked so ominous and stormy. and you totally can't see that in this picture. alas.

rose rose rose. she occupies my mind this morning. for now, anyway. in a bit, i'll have to head to boulder for some therapy. and i probably won't get to talk about rose. bummer.

oops. i forgot i hadn't finished this post and i was just looking at the flist and wondering where the heck my post went and then i remembered. didn't post it. because it's a bit on the pointless side, i figured i would leave it and come back when i have something pointful to say. but. i can face it. that's not going to happen any time soon and i have to go to boulder.
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12 august 2007

we were just through airport security yesterday morning, talking about how short the line was and how quickly we'd gone through, when we came upon this much longer, much slower line. for dunkies, of course. ♥ boston.

i have more pictures of provincetown to share. they are behind the cut )

as promised, the video of [ profile] madmadharri, [ profile] anabelwumpkins and [ profile] hominidj singing the planet unicorn song is here.

school starts incredibly soon. and i have a lot of shit to get done before that. so i plan to devote most of today to just planning how i'm going to work that out. i hope i can make sense of things. i feel a little travel-muddled.
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8 - 10 august. ferry. beach. ptown. )

11 august 2007

but it was good to see people again. saturday, after dinner with the 'rents, we went to dan and claire's apartment along with [ profile] madmadharri, [ profile] anabelwumpkins, [ profile] scottxwl and [ profile] hominidj. i took a video of harri, anabel and j singing the unicorn planet song and this is a cap from that. i intend to share the video soon.

it's good to be back in our own place but i already miss everyone. but yay! we get to go back in just a few weeks for harri and j's wedding. thank goodness.

i'll be back to lj tomorrow, trying to catch up a bit. i'm worried that everyone left while i wasn't paying attention and now i'm going to be all sad. i think i'll need to devote some time to figuring out what the hoody ha is going on.
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7 august 2007

[ profile] hominidj last night at [ profile] anabelwumpkin and [ profile] scottxwl's place. anney models her wedding dress for us in the foreground.

just popping in to drop that picture and say we're off to the cape for a couple days and we're not even bringing our computers. gasp! we'll have our phones, should anyone need us - i'll even update my texting info on lj.

and now i have to finish typing notes from yesterday and pack my bag for the cape and get in to dr. grubb's office by 10. yikes.

::blows kisses::
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6 august 2007

ah, the old hallway, now with added wire animals hanging from the walls. ...? dr. grubb just called and postponed our meeting time by a few hours. i'm not entirely sad because i was up late-ish working on my notes and also had just about the crappiest evening possible. so i'm tired. and it's taking me a while to get my proverbial shit together. and i might go take a 20 minute nap before i even try to continue.
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3 and 4 august )

5 august 2007

sunday was [ profile] madmadharri's wedding shower. here she is opening her present from us - a retro citrus juicer. it was a lovely party with good food and a super yummy vegan cake.

and today i had my first session with my masters prof (who needs a name... i have applied the hobbit name generator - the source of myrtle's name here - and decided upon dr. grubb). it went well. there's lots of work for me to do. and she has an ambitious timeline. that is ultimately for the best. it's weird to spend so much time with her. she scares me. and i annoy myself a little when i'm around her. because of my own sycophantic behavior. but whatever. i'll be spending most of tomorrow with her too so i assume i'll eventually get over it at least a little bit. it is good to go back to that school at a time when i am not feeling oppressed by it. now i can just feel good that i'm not there anymore.

it's humid here. bleh.
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2 august 2007

i was thinking about packing these shoes last night, so... a picture. they're great shoes but pretty impractical for traveling, since they weigh about 5 lbs. still, i'll probably pack them.

and packing is what i'm doing today. and cleaning and various other getting ready to leave things. lots of them. so i don't have much time for playing.

but i did go and create phineasjones at greatestjournal and insanejournal in preparation for the seemingly inevitable fannish exodus. i am filled with sadness and dread about this. and anger. but for now i need to go pack a suitcase.
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1 august 2007

packing robin and ken's truck. i hope they managed to finish as planned yesterday. because, really, moving sucks. i wouldn't wish it on anyone.

i saw trudi at robin's and found out that she's having a boy. yay! i'm especially excited because we both love the same girl's name and i didn't want her to get it first. petty? me? nah.

i have a voice lesson today and i'm just... not into it. i'm sure it will be good once i'm there. but i don't feel like driving to boulder and all those shenanigans. i have stuff to do here to get ready for our trip. because OMG we're leaving tomorrow!!! craziness.

and ok, since i am apparently short on stuff to say, have a meme: hp personality test. i didn't even cheat. )
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31 july 2007

it's a cat and a mouse, get it? or maybe it's not clear that the thing in the left foreground is a mouse and chloe is snoozing on rach's computer. but that's what's what.

>for more cute kittiness, see this video. it's stella luring me into her favorite activity - being pet while eating. the video includes a sample of her crazy adorable meow and her bizarre habit of knocking food out of her dish with her paw and eating it off of the floor.

>i had therapy this morning and then spent some afternoon time helping robin and ken pack up their stuff and load their truck. they're headed to seattle tomorrow. god, moving sucks. i hope i put in sufficient time with them to keep my moving karma in good shape. i doubt i'd be fooling anyone if i tried to claim a nobler motivation.

>i have never really liked almonds. i used to dislike them so much that i pretended i was allergic to them so i wouldn't have to eat them. i've relented to the point that they're just not my favorite nut. but i bought some almonds for rachael recently because she loves almonds and she loves smoky flavors (they're called smokehouse almonds or something like that) and OMG they are so good and i can't stop eating them.

>dr. who! two more discs received from my own personal netflix. i'm totally digging this show. and rose, rose, rose. ♥ ♥ ♥

>i got results back from blood sugar and cholesterol tests today. my blood sugar was normal-low. my cholesterol was excellent except my good cholesterol level was slightly low. guess i better eat more avocados.

>and now i will go start preparing dinner which will be fettuccine in basil-pea cream. a new-to-me recipe that i am so very excited to try. but first i need to put down the almonds. put them down!
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happy birthday [ profile] wild_boys!

30 july 2007

yes, that's our stemware. it was another late night oops picture, but i rather like this one.

i feel a little fuzzy headed after a morning of boring doctor's visits and an afternoon of mindless television. i need to go to bed and wake up all over again and start fresh.

i had a dream that involved one of the guys in one of those bands for which there is much slash. frank? is one of them called frank? in my dream, he was frank. i think i was arguing with someone about whether he was good looking (i was on the no side). that's all i really remember. interesting that now my brain is giving me someone else's fannish dreams. i'll trade frank for snape or ray kowalski or hugh dillon. anyone?

i changed my journal layout. i'm not convinced of this one. i scanned paper for the background but it's... a little girlier than i'm feeling. not sure whether i'll keep it. we shall see. i'm displaying tags now but they're a complete mess. i need to make some sense of those.
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28 july 2007

saturday night dinner at city, o' city. lovely as always.

earlier on saturday, i took this picture with [ profile] hominidj and [ profile] madmadharri in mind. heh )

29 july 2007

we've wanted a hammock for a long time. rach found a hammock stand on craigslist for cheap so we bought it and picked it up. and then ben said he had a spare, brand new hammock that we could have. awesome! except, as you can see, the two do not work together so well. so we've decided to re-sell the stand because the hammock ben gave us is way nicer than we could afford. we'll just keep our eyes out for another cheap stand.

and we went to see the simpsons movie last night. rach with the simpsons. ) i liked it. it wasn't like... super awesome most funny thing ever. but it was enjoyable and worth going just to see them on the big screen. and, as [ profile] china_shop said, oddly due south-ful. which i loved, of course.

i'm in a bit of fannish confusion. after reading DH, i want to read hp fic... lots of it. but i don't even know where to look anymore. my flist is now much more canada-oriented. and i don't mind that, of course. but... meep? i guess is a good place to start.
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27 july 2007

i appear to have jinxed rachael. i went on and on the other day about how it never really rains here and then... it really rained. for the first time since... i have no idea. here, look.

a friend linked me to this article about the satanic content of the harry potter books. it appears that it's not a joke. it is, however, completely hilarious.

[ profile] goddamet called from hawaii yesterday and she sounds like she's doing great! she has a place to live and everything. it was fantastic to talk to her.

i love when it's saturday afternoon and i'm showered and clean and we've already cleaned the house. ahhhhh. we have some errands to run, but reasonably fun ones. and then we're going to try to keep our friend whose wife left him busy. which will probably entail pizza. maybe beer.

i never thought i'd say this here... it's humid. !

i'm completely bored with my lj layout. it's time for something new.
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26 july 2007

we went to the gym (building on the right) last night, after stopping into our favorite supermarket (left) for some veggies. i took this picture because it was raining at the time and i thought maybe some east coasters would want to see what it looks like in colorado when it rains. ok, not all the time. we very occasionally do have overcast days. like today!!! highs predicted to be in the 70s. i am so happy i could pee myself. i'm wearing a shirt with sleeves! short sleeves, but still. i'm primed and ready to love today. which is good because i've been having some crappy days. just... weird and sad and blah. i'm ready to be done with that.

so, possibly yesterday i started writing some hp fic. i'm not sure yet if it's the kind of thing i'll post or if it's just something i need to do as processing. i'll figure that out as it goes, i guess.

hi. we're coming to massachusetts in a WEEK! i'm so happy about that. yay vacation. um. i mean. work trip. yay work trip. :D
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um, so. if it's not food and not a kitty, it's books! ok, so i'm not feeling especially inspired in the photography department lately. every day for almost seven months, now. small wonder. this is from the bookshelf of books i especially like. except the blue one is rachael's and neither of us has read it. and the red and white one with the blurred title is mark twain's king leopold's soliloquy which i still need to read but you can probably see why we put it where we did.

i just had a doctor's appointment (nurse practitioner, but close enough). it was with the same woman i saw last year when i was having pre-wedding tummy trouble. she is awesome. last time, we discussed relationships. this time, she revealed a pretty serious potty mouth and her desire to have a child as a single mom. i think i will start requesting her when i go there now.

on the drive home, i had a fic idea that i kind of love so much i might actually write it. hp. short, i hope. i'll see how it goes. but it might make me feel a little better at the very least.

i am ridiculously behind on comment responses and the like. i sat down on tuesday with the time and the desire to get responding and what happened? lj was broken. so. i still owe. and if i get to it, you may get some bizarrely late responses coming your way. oops?
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24 july 2007

stella (again) doing the only thing a long-haired kitty can do in heat like this. poor things.

yeah, it's hot. it's so hot, it sucks my will to live. and today's been especially bad. most mornings, i wake up at some point in the early morning with just the sheet covering me - the way i went to sleep - and i'm a little chilly and pull a light blanket over myself. i then revel in the coolness that is early morning. this morning? not so much. i woke up and was not chilly. i kept myself under just the sheet until that felt too warm. it has been a horridly hot day. we need a break. it's been in the 90s with no relief and no rain for weeks now. well, until today. we had a really brief thunderstorm with some rain. thanks for that. more now? please?

i'm having a rough day, emotionally speaking. rachel is gone to hawaii and when i think about it, i get really sad. it's not like i saw her every day. but... hers was a comforting presence nonetheless. and when i get self-pitying i think about how carlos left last year and now rachel's leaving this year. my favorite people keep taking off. and then i get more mopey and think about how that's the way school is. everybody leaves. we come here so we can leave. and i left people to come here, some of my most favorite people of all. meh. leaving sucks.

and there's the book. little pieces of it keep creeping up on me and some of them aren't sad but a lot of them are. and... it's just over. closed canon. it's sad. especially the way it closed for some characters.

and i told those things to my therapist today and she was sweet and helpful. and she was telling me to take time for myself and have a good cry and don't bottle things up, etc. which makes me say hm. i don't think many people would call me a bottler. but compared to my former self... yeah, i kind of am. and, see? that's all i want to say about that. we also talked more about perfectionism. ugh. it sucks. she's trying to get me to adopt the rule that i won't say anything to myself that i wouldn't say to my best friend. HA! easier said than done, man.

and then i found out that my friend's wife left him. and that's so sad i don't know what to do about it. cook him some dinner is all i've come up with so far. we'll see how that goes.

also, it's hot. did i mention that?
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19-23 july, including hp madness. )

god, between friend-rachel leaving and the reading of a certain book, i am just all sniffled out. time for some good news, eh? how about this? rach and i are going to massachusetts in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! ::boogies:: aw yeah. i'm excited about that one.

i want to post more about DH. mostly, i want to share some brainstorming about fics that need to exist, like, yesterday. [ profile] inkjunket was coming up with brilliance last night. i want to share. later.
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18 july 2007

yesterday was spent at a therapy appointment and watching s3 angel while knitting. and sweating from the nasty heat. i didn't take any photos of any of that. these are just some roses i cut from the bushes in the back yard and some music i'm considering for the womens chorus. i think the flowers are pretty.

it's overcast and cooler today and i am sending silent prayers of thanks to the weather gods. because, really, i can't take much more heat. i'm going to melt or explode or something dramatic like that.

i loved this part of s3 angel so much when i first watched it. i love the angel/cordelia stuff hugely. but now that i know what's to come - especially for cordy - it's a little harder to love. which is sad. and yesterday, i watched billy which is just one of the creepiest episodes of television ever. still as unsettling as the first time i watched it.
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17 july 2007

i went over to friend rachel's yesterday to help her sort and price things for her yard sale. it was good times. she has a lot of random stuff. i can't imagine having to pare down like she is. we did a lot of that before moving to CO (you wouldn't know it to look at our house now) but... moving to hawaii is something else completely. no big ass moving truck for her. crazy. and exciting. we'll be putting some stuff into the yard sale too. mostly just clothes and stuff we've decided we don't need since last year. our third yard sale in 3 years. i think regular yard sales are a great idea. make a few bucks and lighten the clutter load.

i've been pretty chill about the whole possibility of hp spoilers... which is kind of funny because i'm really not that chill about it. i think i'm just repressing my true feelings of terror about the book in general. and yeah, i'm more afraid of the book itself than being spoiled for it. but what's interesting to me is how much my flist has changed since two years ago. i mean... the individuals have changed but also the makeup. so many people here now aren'ts especially into hp. weird. nice. i don't know. even if it doesn't mean to me what it once did, it's still a big deal. i've been reading a little hp fic lately. the movie made me want to. mostly i'm just rereading things i already know i love. but. i don't know. i just feel all baffled in my head about this. thus cannot make coherent sentences. anyone else having this problem?
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july 2006

yesterday i forgot to take a picture for the first time in... months? a long time. weird. so instead i offer a picture from a year ago. that's me in my painting overalls. the kitchen looks already painted so i was probably working on... i don't know. the living room? bedroom? dining room? there was so much painting, it's hard to know. it seems crazy that we've only been in this house for a year. it feels very lived in. i feel settled. i like it here. i love the colors we chose here. i'm glad we're staying a while longer. it's a good house with a lot of character. ::pets house::

i feel like i'm supposed to make the obligatory hp spoiler statement. well. i really don't want to be spoiled. as most of you know, i was spoiled for OotP and it sucked. but i'm not doing anything special to avoid being spoiled. i will continue to read my trusted friends. i will go about my business as usual. once i start reading the book, anything i post about will be cut and clearly labeled. that's really all i have to say.

i will actually be a little delayed in starting the book. friday and saturday, friend rachel is having a moving to hawaii yard sale. rach and i are contributing and helping out. and then saturday night is a party for rachel. as anxious as i'll be to start reading, my friend who's about to move off the continent takes priority. so i'll be a little behind. as usual. :)

today is supposed have record high heat. near 100. i object. >.< fucking heat. ::flips off the weather::
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happy birthdays (yesterday) to [ profile] damnpinkocommie and [ profile] musesfool!!!

14 july 2007

on saturday, we stopped by the kwik-e-mart-ized 7-11. very cute. and very crowded. that is one clever marketing concept, right there.

more kwik-e-mart. also pigeons. )

15 july 2007

we let chloe out in the yard with us for a while yesterday while we weeded and mulched. she loved it. and she hated us for bringing her back in. sigh.

i had more fannish dreams last night - following on the one where i made out with hugh and the one that was like the longest veronica mars episode ever. in one of these, i was in italy and came upon callum who was a chef at a restaurant there. (?) and in another, i was in a slings and arrows-ish theater troupe and paul and martha were there too.
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13 july 2007

[ profile] mmm_cake took this picture last night at our friend ric's band's gig. it was a good time, but it was hot. our friend raul is in the background, in the white shirt and hat. hi, raul.

this other picture i took so i could share with the world how short a skirt is too short a skirt, but it came out all blurry. you can see short skirt girl in the middle.
too short )

other random things:

-our house was invaded by ants last night. in a matter of hours. they tracked across the back porch, through the kitchen into the dining room where chloe's dish is. little fuckers. so we're still dealing with that mess.

-i had a pretty awesome dream last night that was clearly inspired by architect hugh/builder callum. in a later part of the dream, callum wasn't in it and instead, i made out with hugh. the making out part was awesome. less awesome was noticing, while making out with hugh, that a cat had pissed on the couch near us. thanks for that one, brain.

-we were listening to car talk this morning and they had a caller from yellowknife. i got ridiculously excited about it. \o/ <-- dork

-i told [ profile] goddamet about our plans to mulch the yard today and now i'm a "garden mulcher." which would sound much dirtier if you'd heard her transition - mulcher! carpet mulcher!!! garden mulcher!
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12 july 2007

yesterday alexa and i met for iced tea (hers on the left - jasmine lime, mine - hibiscus - on the right) to talk about our assistantships for the coming year, since we're basically swapping jobs. so we will advise each other as much as possible, which is handy.

i think i'm ready to talk about OotP now. thing is, i liked it. i did not love it. but i have no desire to harsh anyone's squee ;) so in the following discussion, i will separate my likes from my dislikes, and you can read how ever much you want. OotP, the movie. )

whoa. call from myrtle. the interview gig is on. i have to plan a visit to tanglewood. (um... yay!)
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10 july )

11 july 2007

i brought my azkaban shirt to the movie last night. [ profile] mmm_cake said i pretty much had to bc when else was she going to let me wear it? i went with tom, his friend jen, and joanna. i didn't wear my shirt much because it just wasn't all that festive. it was a little, crappy theater with a whole lot of teenagers. there were some drawn-on forehead scars and the like, so i didn't feel totally out of place when i did put my dorky shirt on. but i made tom wear it for this picture. the heart on the sleeve says, "i ♥ moony." because he does, obviously.

not writing about the movie yet. i'm too tired. i don't know what's up with me that i'm so tired. i had one bad night of sleep a couple days ago and i'm just wiped. weird.

rach found this picture of me and chloe in my dad's photos. it's from about 9 years ago. we're both so much littler. :) and chloe... i'm holding her loosely! she's not trying to kill me. i keep staring at this picture and wondering when she became quite as miserable as she is now. me and chloe )
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9 july 2007

yesterday was [ profile] mmm_cake's half birthday. she didn't have a cake on her actual birthday this year (party was at a bar, somehow there was never the right time for cake) so i promised i would make one on her half birthday. voila. it was supposed to be all gooey and pudding-ish on the top. i think the slightly larger than called for pan and the elevation nixed that. but it was still really tasty.

my girl loves cake. if you need evidence of this, see this picture )

so... interesting possibilities on the horizon. i got a call yesterday from myrtle. (for the new kids, myrtle is what i call my professor, the one whom i assisted for the past 2 years.) she has this book that she's been working on. she's editing a collection of essays by women conductors about various conducting-related topics. one of the contributors is supposed to be the prof from my masters program. but, as the essays are coming in, hers is not. myrtle thinks she's probably not into it and hasn't written it. someone suggested to myrtle that she interview her instead, less work for the prof, easier to guarantee a timeline. myrtle loves this idea and she thinks i would be the ideal interviewer. more on that )

i just had a gmail chat with a friend who is not exactly what i would call fannish (tricky to define) but loves hp and loves to talk about it. she kept proposing all these 'what if!'s for book 7 and eventually i was like, yeah, i've already read all those scenarios in fanfic. heh. and now, of course, she wants me to point her toward some. she knows about slash and she wouldn't be freaked but i think she would really more enjoy gen. any recs out there? i really never read gen. any recs for stories that aren't necessarily gen but are more plotty than romantic or porny? i'd be grateful for any links.


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