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1. CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. Really, like the whole house. Wash all the dishes. Get all the crap off the floor. Clear the tables.

i did that! i cleaned all the things! i mean, there is no perfection here, but there is a lot of progress.











2. Answer every stupid outstanding e-mail in my stupid inbox. No exceptions, no excuses. JUST CLEAN IT OUT UGUUGHHGHHG.

i mostly did that. i ended up with a total o 8 messages in my inbox. so this work continues.

3. Read the paperwork to find out what I have to do to adopt the new baby.

this was taken off my list! yay! rachael called our lawyer to ask about stuff pertaining to the birth certificate and she gave us a bunch of free advice. i can't adopt the new baby as a step parent until our civil union is a year old (did mention we did that? we did that). but we'll be safe for that year, as well. so. move this item to next august!

4. Drop off receipts from work conference (which are overdue)

did that. left the house only to realize i needed gas before i could go anywhere. NEW RULE: always have at least a half tank of gas. what if rachael had to go to a hospital from work or something? i would not want to stop and fill the tank.


dropped the receipts off at the church.


Five. Plan some meals and buy some groceries.

planned a couple super simple meals before leaving the house and shopped for them on my way home from the church.


i also got to bed before 11, which was slightly later than my 10:30 goal but also amazing bc it was monday and i usually can't help myself and need to watch teen wolf before i sleep. but i don't have mtv, if you see my problem. but i did it! in bed by 11. amazing.

also today i need to figure out a gift for rachael. i want it to be something to make her feel loved and appreciated, a little thank you for the work she's doing for the family. i would looooove ideas is anything occurs to anyone.

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Date: 2013-08-14 03:16 pm (UTC)
riverlight: A rainbow and birds. (Default)
From: [personal profile] riverlight
a) OMG your house is gorgeous
b) And, more importantly, OMG, go you. What a huge amount of work!
c) Yay being productive!
d) Re: gifts, perhaps a massage from someone who knows their way around the body of a pregnant woman? Especially if she's having pain. Or perhaps some really nice tea/coffee, if that's a thing she likes?

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Date: 2013-08-23 05:39 pm (UTC)
riverlight: A rainbow and birds. (Default)
From: [personal profile] riverlight
Oh, that's a lovely gift!

Hope things continue to go well—sending good thoughts your way!


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