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last night we ran into a family from willa's daycare and ended up eating dinner with them (which is this weird kind of thing that happens now that we're in a parent coop daycare in our neighborhood - we see people we know all the time). they have a daughter a few months older than willa and now also a three month old. at one point when i had tuned out of the conversation and then back in, the mother was describing a sleep pattern that i was kind of happy to hear about, it was so similar to willa's and i'm used to willa having the worst sleep around. only later did i realize that she was describing her newborn's sleep, not her toddler's. sigh.

which is to say willa woke twice in the three o'clock hour last night and i'm tired.

i've been kind of addicted to looking at willa's old daily photo tumblr lately. partly because holy crap we're about to have another little one like that and partly because she is just the cutest thing that ever happened to the world. we're going to start the tumblr up again for baby 2, in case anyone's interested - peanuts among us.

so, project life makeover has gone pretty well, all in all. there is a major exception: work. i'll get to that shortly. but here's a run down of what i did last week and what from that list is left to do:

-make soup for labor time and also for daycare family
-fix car seat in the civic
-read up on doctors and choose faves
-write up willa's routines for her overnight bag
-3 loads of laundry (diapers, kitchen towels, hand-me-downs from the cousins)
-investigate email newletter platforms
-buy soup ingredients
-plan meals for week
-grocery shop
-take stella to the vet
-send out e-mail to church choir
-finish off the last of the paper piles
-finish birth announcement e-mail list
-drop off conference check
-clean out freezer
-contact suzy about willa during birth
-grocery shop
-plan (and execute) saturday date
-clean out mail sorter in living room
-contact suzy about willa during birth
-figure out medical poauc thing
-sort through bin of baby clothes, etc
-mail willa's old clothes-break down and plan out church work

-break down and plan out church work
-work on lullaby
-get rid of stupid things in kitchen that we don't need
-clear off back porch and bring stuff to basement

that's a lot i've been getting done, which feels pretty great. the question i keep trying to ask myself is, 'what if rachael went into labor right now?' which is the key question and that will be what generates this week's lists.

the house has been in really good shape but it got away from me a little over the weekend. that happens on weekends and it is endlessly frustrating to me. disrupt my routines just a little and i pretty much fall apart. but i'll take the time this morning to put things back to rights.

ok, so, 'what if rachael went into labor right now?' - these are the things i would wish i had aleady done:

-to do list from above
-finalize willa's labor plans (contact info for suzy, clarify who will take her overnight, put cash and paper in her bag, pack extra toys, designate organizer)
-finish making baby's mobile
-do all the laundry that has impossibly managed to pile up
-take everything to the basement that should be in the basement
-get some more meals in the freezer
-get car seats checked

and there there are remaining items on our 'to do before baby' list - we've done almost all the top priority ones, now, which feels amazing, and there are lower priority ones left:

-birth announcement address assembly
-Thank you notes
-Brainstorm list of easy meals and ingredients to have on hand - and buy them
-Frame fox pics for nursery
-Baby boy keepsake

it' crazy to be feeling mostly ready when a couple weeks ago i didn't feel ready at all. it's also great.

maybe work shit needs its own post. also there will be some photos of willa coming up, because she is at an incredibly adorable place right now, and it needs sharing.
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