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[ profile] inkjunket and i exchanged prompts last night. i got brendon/cash and the cape of fail. and the result is schmoop.

Lucky You
700ish words
thanks to [ profile] inkjunket for the beta-type help. <3

Are you telling me you went on stage without your pants? )
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so, frankly, i was tired of thinking about bach by this morning. and decided to let myself spend a while thinking about ray and fraser having sleepy morning sex instead. and then i wrote it down. and so now i have a little pwp to share.

the next just sky
fraser/kowalski, R
app. 1,000 words

This was different. There was no tension here. There was no drive toward release. Fraser had been dreaming of this, longing for it. )
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-yesterday in post-tonal was the third class in a row of midterm presentations. i decided i didn't care and spent the class writing this. it is off the cuff and unbeta-ed. and way to the schmoop end of the schmoop-porn continuum. but it was fun to write something.

five times fraser didn't notice that ray was trying to seduce him. )

-and ok, while poking around looking for canadian poetry, i found robert service. hello? am i the last person to know about him? and his poem, the call of the wild? i had just assumed ds was referring to the book i read in middle school in those last eps, but the poem... damn. it is the show. as a sample, the last stanza )

-also, i want to write again. i'm tired of not writing. but i need both practice and help. i'll take care of the practice if you will handle the help. in the form of five things prompts. please? i would like five things prompts about any of the following: due south, wilby, hard core logo, hugh/callum, and remus. i can give no guarantee about follow-through, because i know myself. but i want to try. please to help?
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um. i never wanted to see fraser wrapped in meat. and i never want to see it again. ew.

unrelatedly, i comment porned for [ profile] justbreathe80. perhaps a little long for comment porn. oops.

yay porn. fraser/kowalski. sleepy morning. )
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happy new year! mildly belated. :)

no time for a real post - probably not 'til i get back to denver. but i thought i'd share my shacking up secret santa fic.

i wrote ruse for [ profile] lisew. and i'll post it here too:

Title: Ruse
Author: [ profile] phineasjones
Summary: A plan, a plot, a ruse. And a Yule Ball.
Rating: PG
Recipient: [ profile] lisew
Notes: Thanks and love to [ profile] jjtaylor for the fast and fabulous beta.

Ruse )

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Title: One Is For You
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: It should be completely obvious that if I had any right to these characters, many things would be very different.
Gratitude: Huge thanks to [ profile] starbuckle, [ profile] jjtaylor and [ profile] madmadharri for beta.
Author's notes: This story is loosely based on ani difranco's song the diner. It is dedicated to [ profile] musesfool, who requested it as a prize for winning a text slash challenge. Thank you, Victoria, for getting me off my ass and working on this story. And for all the wonderful writing you put out into the world.

One Is For You )
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[ profile] annecatherine asked for something fluffy. no angst, she said. and then she said make it sirius/remus.

... no angst.

while most humans have bodies composed of 70% water, sirius and remus are composed of at least 98% angst.

still, she won a prize, she gets a request. that's how the game goes. and this is what i wrote:

apology. sirius/remus. mwpp. 291 words. )


Jul. 27th, 2004 01:56 pm
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[ profile] anniesj, i was going to write you smut. really. but. nope. you asked for sirius/remus involving water. that made me think of the raymond carver poem where water comes together with other water. which has the lines,

I'm 45 years old today.
Would anyone believe it if I said
I was once 35?
My heart empty and sear at 35!
Five more years had to pass
before it began to flow again

which in turn made me think of his poem, rain which has these lines,

Would I live my life over again?
Make the same unforgivable mistakes?
Yes, given half a chance. Yes.

which led me to write something. in which sirius comes back. i am generally not supportive of such fics, because i need to believe he's really dead for my own mental health. and this fic is kind of about that. yes. kind of. and i think this is a draft... may send to beta. not sure. thanks to [ profile] mmm_cake for checking for spelling and typos.

rain. sirius/remus.  )
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so yesterday [ profile] bonibaru mentioned that it was something like Totally Pointless Drabble Day. oh how i love this concept. sadly, it seemd to be making its way around people not on my flist. but since i don't want to work on the stupid letter, i decided to write a pointless drabble. and since its goal was to be pointless, i decided to shoot for an actual 100 words this time - which i don't think i've ever done before. and i made it, 100 exactly.

totally pointless remus/sirius drabblage )
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for the Veela Inc Valentine's Day Challenge
Title: All Souls' DAy
Author: phineas
Author's e-mail:
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Spoilers: for PoA and GoF
Summary: Remus waits. Sirius returns.
Author's notes: all of you who have been reading along here know what this little story did to me. i am so glad to have done it though and i am eternally grateful to those who helped me. [ profile] annelarissa, [ profile] starbuckle, [ profile] fearlessdiva and [ profile] cimorene111 provided invaluable and insightful beta commentary. cim and [ profile] wax_jism were great with the calming and coaching along the way. and special thanks to wax for the tips on forestry.

all souls' day )


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