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we went to church this morning. to one of the two uu churches in denver. my thoughts: eh. it's not very close to us, the congregation was on the old side, the sermon was boring as hell. it's always hard to get a good sense of a church like that during the summer, when people - including the regular minister - are away. but i'm looking forward to checking out the other church next week. it's closer to us and in a rather hip area of town. maybe there will be more young'uns like us. :)

the other night when we went out to dinner, i had a paloma. i had never heard of this before but, man, was it tasty. i don't remember exactly what's in it but i remember tequila and grapefruit juice and... lemon? i don't know. really good, though, that's my point. and i've decided that since that place is local and bar-like, i will make it my mission to taste every drink on their small drink menu. this includes several margaritas (my favorite) and a long list of martinis (not my favorite, but i'm willing to branch out). i give myself a good three years to complete this task. :)

last night i had a lime daiquiri (at a different resto) and that was also extremely tasty. there's just something about lime drinks on hot days. mmm.

we had a lovely time in the mountains. we didn't hike at all - due to my toe and general laziness - but we drove around and saw some incredible views. we also saw deer, elk, coyote, marmots and hummingbirds. and we cooked some veggie burgers over a fire and watched an episode of buffy (which dan and laura are seeing for the 1st time) on laura's laptop. ah, roughing it. :) and yesterday we spent some time in boulder. their visit was such good motivation for us to get out of the house and do something besides all this unpacking.


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