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HCT in boston concert report! long-delayed. it's LONG and has pics (of the meet and greet, etc) and videos (of the concert). this was such a great concert. it's only icing on the completely satisfying cake that i get to see this concert again in denver.

after the wallingford concert, we headed north to northampton, MA, my former home and the best place in the world. [ profile] fuschia went home and [ profile] inkjunket, her sister and i joined [ profile] wildgreentide at her house for the night. instead of going to sleep right away, like normal people do at 2 am, [ profile] inkjunket and i stayed up another hour on the air mattress in wgt's living room, telling each other the story of brendon, ryan and spencer in high school. see, brendon was hopelessly in love with ryan and so blinded by that love that he couldn't see that spencer was truly in love with him! they were all in the drama club. ryan wrote plays, brendon acted and spencer was the sound guy. there was much silliness, ryan being thoughtless and accidentally mean, moments of jon walker, kisses on the cheek and a whole lot of flailing on our part. and eventually, we did go to sleep.

in the morning, ink donned some bright pink. which made her match wgt's chair.

we called ink's other sister and she came over from mhc to meet us at cafe evolution in florence (also where i used to live) for brunch. brunch was super nummy. as were the cupcakes we bought for later. sadly, this is where [ profile] wildgreentide decided to be a responsible adult and stay in the valley instead of coming to see panic in boston. :( but she and ink still looked like tasty sorbet together.

and then we took off for boston (another place i used to live). we had just enough time for it to be a normally-paced drive with a few stops on the way to change out of car clothes and to purchase cheezy boston-themed postcards - which was what i had finally decided i would have signed at the meet and greet. but this did not factor in the intense confusingness of the signage at the end of the mass pike. so there were some tense times when we took a wrong turn and then a series of further wrong turns (when you're headed for south boston and find yourself at the airport, something isn't right) and it was past the time i was supposed to be in line.

but it was fine! i was late getting there but it didn't really matter. it just gave me a reason to go up to zack and ask him about wristbands. zack! he was all srs bzns again, but understandably. there were many teenage girls present. i forced myself upon the nearest over-20-year old in line and we became line buddies. she is [ profile] celiarosalind, not exactly in bandom, but aware of it. and [ profile] anabelwumpkins showed up too and i got to chat with her until zack started moving our line.

it was all very orderly. he had us line up single file and then moved us around a corner. and then moved us another five feet. and then around another corner. and so on. it was a pretty long line, too. and then he circled us around in a little area outside where the signing would be (all little outdoor structures, since the venue is an open-air one - something i would later regret not knowing ahead of time). and he gave us his lecture. no doing anything he would consider creepy (his words). so no touching, no asking them to sign body parts, etc. it was good to see that he can turn on the intimidating when he needs to. i mean, everyone who is obsessed enough with panic to be there knew his name and thought of him fondly. not something you'd think you'd necessarily want as a bodyguard. but he is still big and menacing... so he's got that.

he explained to us how the line would go around twice - once for signing and once for pictures. it was all very assembly-line. we went in and indeed the line went to their table and right down it. i was behind [ profile] wordsaremyfaith in the line and she said something to ryan (first at the table) about the bracelet song from the night before. so i just kind of rode on that and mumbled something about 'yeah, that was a great show' as i gave him my postcard. they all had the same, three-step reaction to the postcard. first was the routine, just taking it and starting to sign. then an amused reaction to the card itself. then concern at the shiny surface - that the marker might not stick. the concern was sweet, so i didn't tell them that i didn't really care if it came off. autographs just aren't that important to me. i did take a picture of it, though, in case it all rubbed off (it didn't).

i really don't remember much from the signing... probably because there wasn't much to remember. i liked ryan's clothes - no surprise, i'm a big fan of his current style, scarves and all - the same ones he wore at the performance that night. with brendon... i registered something like, wow, srsly pretty, and then paid attention to how he was fretting over the dot on the i in urie, because of the shiny surface, i guess. spencer was next and, for real, i was almost reluctant to look at him. he is my favorite, have i mentioned? and kind of because of that, i remember pretty much nothing from my 2 seconds standing in front of him. they all made a point to make eye contact, which was sweet of them. and that's what i remember of jon - he was on the end near the edge of the little tent so he got most of the sunlight. it lit his eyes when he looked up and, yeah, i was all fangirl at that moment. he is a pretty man.

and then back into line. [ profile] celiarosalind took a picture of [ profile] wordsaremyfaith and me, and then of all three of us.

and then i commenced with my photo-stalking of shane, who was lurking about the premises, taking pictures and video of the line and the signing, etc. i tried to be, like, semi-subtle about it, but doubt i really succeeded. anyway. have some shane:

the line just went in a circle to get back around for the photos. i think it's hilarious and strange that zack was the one taking the photos. he must have the longest job description ever - bodyguard, sweeper of the stage, photographer, bracelet-collector, tambourine-catcher, etc.

really, the fact that zack took this picture is one of my favorite things about it. when i got up there, i just... went and stood there like everyone else was doing. there was really just about no interaction with the band. the total weirdness of it struck me as i stood there and i thought, hey, thumbs up! it's a little shout-out to [ profile] mmm_cake, really, because of her love for an ironic thumbs up in a photograph. the fact that this picture came out so well - 3 of 4 of them smiling pretty, pretty smiles! - is just kind of baffling to me. but hey, i'll take it.

after the line moved past the photo area, it just kept circling around. so, i followed. and eventually figured out that, hey, still near them, can still take pictures. so here they are posing with some girl i don't know.  i enjoy the range of their expressions in this one.

these are all blurry because i was getting kind of far away.  but ,oh, ryan.  please make that duhuyh? face all the time.  oh, wait...

someone had some gabe-esque glasses and that's all it takes for brendon to dork out and if it makes spencer do gleeface like that, i totally approve.

it seems that ryan never stops doing that touching his sideburns thing. 

and then i got one, miraculously clear picture of spencer smiling. oh, spencer.

and that was the meet & greet. fun and... weird? but certainly nothing that required the stress i occasionally felt over it. :)

and then i met up with ink and anabel and we took goofy pictures with the car -

and then! there was a concert! the four of us ([ profile] inkjunket, [ profile] anabelwumpkins, [ profile] jjtaylor and i) had seats near, but not next to each other. anabel and i managed to sneak into seats next to ink for the whole thing. very awesome.

doug played, the same 3 song set as the night before (dance, dance; we intertwined; but it's better if you do). here's a tiny tidbit of bob joining him for 'we intertwined.'


phantom planet (who i like more and more) started while anabel and i were chatting and having snacks (when greta walked by). we joined inky in the seats partway through their set. they were really good. i am looking forward to seeing them again. here they are leading their own special moment of crowd participation -


and then the hushies! <3<3<3 they were even more awesome than the night before and made me very, very happy by playing a different (longer) set. the songs i remember them playing are:

medicine man
as you cry
wine red
we intertwined
sweet tangerine
my apologies

and more! but i didn't write it down and it's been a while. but they were fantastic and i love them and greta was wearing a long, cotton, strapless black dress. I APPROVE. and there were super cute moments of chris and bob sharing a mic and such. i think i kind of ship hushies gsf. because they are all so awesome and adorable, how could you pick just two or three?

here is a video of some of 'honey.' all greta's lovely pale skin made her just a kind of glowing blob in the video. so i spent some time filming the projection so i could actually get her features.


and then motion city soundtrack. i... didn't really watch or listen. they were boring the night before and i'm going to see them again in denver anyway so... so that was when [ profile] inkjunket and i went and humiliated ourselves in front of some hushies. i did end up buying motion city merch, though, kind of sadly. because i somehow did not know that the venue was open air. or that it was going to be freezing that night. i was not appropriately dressed. so, with ink's help (her cash), i bought a very cute motion city hoodie. it's ink's now, since it fits her better, but it saved me from becoming a phin-shaped block of ice that night. it was too late for me for anything else, though. throughout the panic set, i could feel myself getting sick and i started sneezing and sniffling and all that loveliness. and it's still not gone almost two weeks later! :(

and then panic! it's been a while and i didn't write things down, so i'll mostly let the videos do the talking. i'm pretty sure it was the exact same set as the night before. my view of spencer was obscured by jon (there are worse things) but i could see him a good part of the time - though he seemed to have a cymbal for a head. whenever he came up on the projection, i was riveted again. srsly. SPENCER SMITH, people.

so here are some videos!

spencer talking. SPENCER talking. and jon - 'holy shit, it's spencer.' <3

later in 'behind the sea.' you know, when i first heard this version of the song, i was very wtf? about the 'legs of wood waves' section. but watching brendon polka around the stage like that... yeah, now i love love love it. srsly, people, how adorable is he?

the intro to lying... "boston, who here is single tonight?" etc. they are dorks. <3

a little of 'esteban.' the point here was to focus on cymbal-headed spencer. and, even despite his cymbal head, he is SPENCER. i just... he looks like he's having such a rocking time up there. and... i don't even know why it's so hot. but it is. and then also in this video, i caught brendon's leap to a fucking high G. i think [ profile] anabelwumpkins and i fainted into each other's arms briefly. we have a thing for the high-singing boys. and then it made me think about a brendon the countertenor AU. which. i kind of love it way too much for my own good. two people would read that story. and one of them would be me. anyway. spencer -

that video also supports my theory that i sometimes cover the mic on my camera with my finger. oops.

and here's the intro to 'there's a good reason...' do you think they really consider this jazz? or is this like later in the concert when they introduced 'sins' by saying it was a song about swimming? i prefer to believe that, because... it's not jazz. also, i had no clue what brendon was doing there until ink figured out he was pretending to play a trumpet. dorks? dorks!

'folkin' around.' heart, heart and also heart. at the beginning, jon's talking about ryan's incessant tambourine playing. :) and please to note ryan patting brendon on the back at the end. i... don't even know what to make of that. i kind of love it a little. kind of.

brendon's solo 'time to dance.' i chose to film the projection and it turned out to be one of the cheesier moments. alas. we also get to see brendon sipping on his beer before singing. which. idk. i am learning that many, many musicians like to drink during their performances. so. if i find it a little lame, i may be among the few who do. anyway, i think this song is an interesting choice for solo acoustic guitar, given how done up it is on their album. it's a good choice, though... it's kind of a more interesting, more listenable song this way.

it was a great performance. just so much FUN. panic are so clearly having a great time on stage, and their new music is so cheerful, i think it would be hard to have a bad time. i loved being there with great friends i rarely get to see who were loving it too. it was an incredibly giddy, happy night.

and now i'm off to bed for a few hours of sleep before we get up (at 4 fucking 30 in the morning) and fly to chicago. in chicago, we will meet up with [ profile] wildgreentide and drive to traverse city, michigan, where [ profile] anabelwumpkins and [ profile] scottxwl are getting married! \o/ so, i'm out for a few days. e-mail me if you need me. <3

oh, also, check out my new mood theme! :)

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Date: 2008-05-28 12:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This was an awesome recap! \o/ It makes me want to write mine, but on the other hand, I think you caught it all. And man, I'm so glad that you caught the long bit of Spencer talking. Because I was SO excited that he was talking, and I pushed some buttons on my camera, and stood there swooning, and then realized after he was done that I hadn't actually filmed anything at all. Spencer Smith messes with my fine motor skills.


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Date: 2008-06-12 06:39 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
Spencer Smith messes with my fine motor skills.

oh, spencer. you mess with our motor skillz, our brainz, our abliteez to write. sigh. poor us!


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