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alright, it's time to talk about work. you know, the thing i'm not doing?

it felt right to focus on being physically prepared for the coming birth for a while. but now we have all the things we're supposed to need and most necessary accommodations are made and oh, yeah, i start work on wednesday night.

hahahahahaha wednesday.

the thing about my job at the church is that i am not employed for the months of july and august. and i always end up with a little work to do in august anyway and i don't mind because june is really light.

so once again it's the end of august and i have not done the calm, thoughtful planning that i fully intended to do over the summer. wednesday night is my first rehearsal and i don't know what music we'll be singing, whether i'll have anything close to full attendance, etc. i also have a substitute lined up for my leave but she'll need actual plans from me about what music to work on when, etc.

i still need to do really basic things like look over my review from last year and make sure i remember everything i'm supposed to be working on this year. and put away the music we used at the end of last year. all the practical, boring things.

i feel completely out of it. at least i managed to schedule this rehearsal that's coming up in two days. i did that one thing which now forces my hand on all these other things. but it's time to really lay out what all those other things are. which means... more lists!

-choose music for ingathering sunday
-find out what's going on for the standing on the side of love service
-choose music for the october sunday i will miss and maybe the one following
-look at review from june
-respond to all outstanding churchy e-mail
-find out when staff meetings are/will be
-write up choir calendar
-look for website to use for choir scheduling
-make a first newsletter for the choir
-find out if sub can cover the ordination i'll miss

see, i know there are more things, too, i'm just so out of touch with this work that i can't even come up with them. i will have to return and add things to the list as i go.

principally, though, i just need to stop acting like i'm not about to be back at work. like i'm not really technically already working. i like this job and most of the people involved in it. i don't want to leave them in the lurch when my leave starts and i also very much do not want to feel like there is more that i need to be doing once that baby is here.

so. there will have to be still more lists soon, as i integrate this and my other tasks. sighghhh. it never ends.
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