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man. any of you massachusetts types complaining about the cold weather, i would gladly trade my 90s and oppressively sunny denver days for yours. i couldn't sleep last night for the heat. well, the heat and my cat being an asshole. we've opened the window next to my side of the bed, but we don't open it very far at night. so chloe climbs up next to me on the edge of the bed and contemplates her chances of making the jump. if the curtain's in the way or the window's not open enough, she just sits there and growls. last night she attempted it but didn't make it. she landed in my pile of books and stuff near the bed and growled some more then jumped back up, right in my face, and tried again. not conducive to sleeping.

i feel a little fannishly lost right now. i'm mostly reading merlin, following bandom, rewatching due south, reading a little hp here and there... but i'm not in the thrall of any particular thing. i feel like this is a natural part of a fannish cycle and it's probably for the best, since i have so much work to be doing. but i'm missing the thrill. i feel like it makes me a little boring on the internet, too. but i think that's a natural part of being all productive. which is so awesome that i will take the boring gladly.
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ugh, i have to figure out my lj/dw business one of these days. i'm messy on the internet.

the weekend didn't feel very weekend-y. mostly due to the two conductors' chorus concerts. the boulder one was saturday and it was weird. the audience was kind of quiet and small and dead-ish, the space had frustrating acoustics, ham stopped the first song part-way through because we messed up and he wanted a good recording (or the pianist messed up? i didn't even know what happened, just that i was mortified), ham fell off his podium during another song. that part was at least exciting. he was fine. but weirdness. last night in denver, though, was awesome. large-ish, enthusiastic audience, much better acoustics, no major blips, no one fell off of anything.

but then matt left. for kansas. for good. :((((((((((((((( he has a job and he's off to start his new life and that's really great for him but omg i'm going to miss him. and friend rachel goes back to hawaii today. sometimes i wish this country was a little smaller. also, i need to be the one leaving here next.

so, it was also an emotionally taxing weekend and also there was dale's birthday party and some church. and i am so completely tired. i need a real weekend now, please.
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i'm testing cross-posting from a client. we'll see how this goes.

i'm checking things off, man. these things that have been coming up for ages are now behind me. most recently, mytle's surprise retirement party. last night we managed to get 60 people and a ton of food and an entertainment program and a scrapbook and gifts and a slide show all into one place and she was completely surprised. we're all feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

we had the party at susan's house - she accompanied the chori for the last two years and oh, she just happens to have GIGANTIC amazing house. and she's leaving for italy in a few days so she told myrtle she was going sooner and arturo said he was house sitting for her and wouldn't it be lovely if they held their last class at the house? she agreed. so we all got there before the class showed up and filled the entryway and the giant staircase and when the door opened, we sand Schubert's An die Musik. and myrtle pretty much burst into tears.

also, i am riding high on a personal accomplishment. not making the tiramisu cupcakes that people loved so much, though that was good too. i sang a song that terrified me. in front of a room full of singers and my professors. i have been dreading it for so long and came so close to backing out of it but i did it. i did it and i totally nailed it. it was a really silly song, all slapsticky humor about being singer who's tone deaf. and i am just not a comedian. or someone who usually sings big, diva-y songs of the like that this one imitates. but. i'm so fricking proud of myself. we had to stop and wait for the laughter to die down several times. myrtle claimed it as one of her favorite parts of the evening. ham said he was trying to think of a way to include it in our choir's program (bad idea, but flattering), friend rachel who hadn't heard me sing for a while commented that my voice has really changed and grown. idk. i'm just so pleased with myself that i did something that scared me and that i did it well.

and now church all day pretty much, since i haven't even thought yet about what we're going to do tonight. and tomorrow, a flight to massachusetts. whew!
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it's may and i'm on dreamwidth! these things just feel like good omens. and today we have a voice class recital after which we're going out for margaritas. mmmmargaritas.
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who has two thumbs and passed her last score reading???
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i feel like lj is the blogging site who cried wolf. i just don't get so nervous anymore. all the same, if the ljpocalypse does finally come, you can find me at insane and greatestjournal by the same name. as always, i hope that doesn't happen.

we're back in denver, as of late last night. it is definitely good to be home, good to sleep in our bed, good to see our cats. chloe has been incredibly snuggly. which is quite a treat.

our friend john was trying to tell us that after living here for 3 1/2 years, we should be starting to think of ourselves as coloradans or denverites or whatever. um. nope. i mean, i don't dislike denver. i just am not of this place. things feel more right to me when i'm in new england, even if i've grown to love and appreciate some things here. i still feel like a visitor. i still notice things that are strange to me. i still miss "home."

but home is also this house. which is a mess. and school and work, which need my attention rather urgently. i need to plan for church this sunday and women's chorus this monday. i haven't picked a program yet! yikes. much work to do. but i may let myself have another hour of relaxing in this space before i get back to the grind. relaxing and trying to set up wifi with our new computers so i can stop mooching from the neighbors.

also, i'm thinking of doing another year of photos. it was fun, i've taken a whole year off... haven't entirely decided yet, though.
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me and [ profile] inkjunket on new year's eve. photo by [ profile] mmm_cake. <3
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hi. happy new year! i've been off lj for a bit, since we've been jaunting about and my computers have been occupied with trying (and largely failing) to talk to each other. i kind of want to stab them both in the face right now. old computer (miranda) will not cooperate with the transfer process and new computer, who i have named greta and generally love, is now doing some seriously annoying stuff like not running my client and randomly freezing. i am going to have to step away momentarily so i don't throw anything expensive out the window.

so we've been in boston and swampscott and williamstown and somerville and providence and northampton and worcester. it's been great to see so many loved ones but now i am tired and starting to feel ready to go home. as always when we're away, i miss our bed and our cats. not necessarily in that order. and i miss the part where we don't have to be in a different city almost every day. i have a ton of work to do when we get home, though, so it's not going to be all relaxing and cuddling with the kitties. sadly.

we had a really nice new year's eve/day. we went to [ profile] inkjunket and [ profile] hominidj's house, along with [ profile] scottxwl, [ profile] powerfulkatrina and C, and eventually [ profile] anabelwumpkins. we ate lots of good food, watched some dog whisperer (with and without pete and ashlee) and, my favorite part, played lots of [ profile] scottxwl's guitar hero. like, lots. [ profile] inkjunket and i stayed up til 4:30 am playing. she was on drums and i was on guitar and we rocked it. and we played more the next day when we set up our band, cheese sauce crisis. it's a very good thing that i don't own a wii or any such thing or i would never, ever get anything done in my life ever again. i was an instant addict. and every day i just want to play again. i actually got to play some rockband last night. which made me very happy. better music, but i didn't like the control as much. that may just have been our friends guitar-thing, idk.

also on new year's day, we made lucky new year foods. black-eyed peas and soy bacon (we decided that soy pork is as lucky as animal pork) went into a tasty hoppin' john that we ate with sauteed smokey kale and cornbread. all lucky foods. and rach made a circular orange chocolate chip cake and baked a coin into it - which [ profile] inkjunket got in her slice. so. we've done what we can, culinarily speaking, to bring us all luck in the year to come. but also it felt good to be eating well - and together - on new year's day. it has to be better than the year we deep fried cupcakes.


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  • 22:32 dooood. extra hour of sleep!!! i almost forgot!!! <3<3<3 fall back. #

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  • 19:56 Yes, i'm rocking out in my car. stop looking at me like that. #

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