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i am currently pretending i can't see my cat in the window, obviously wanting to come in the house. he was bugging the crap out of me before i let him out. poor buster. he cannot help himself. BUT HE DRIVES ME CRAZY.


bulleted lists follow, but my summary of last week is that is was very successful. perhaps my life is not entirely made over (as we all believed it would be, no doubt) but i have achieved enough progress that i no longer feel quite so panicked. the house, especially is in much better shape. though it is a CONSTANT BATTLE. hence, this does not mean i can fuck off and stop my diligent efforts. so now, more lists.

as should surprise exactly no one, i got my period yesterday. so my insane urges to clean clean clean coincided with pms? crazy! :) the challenge now is not to lose that fervor while i'm crampy and exhausted. like, really, so tired. so, so tired. i really really really x 1,000 need to work on getting to bed earlier. if not, i don't see how i'll even manage to stay awake through rachael's labor.

some high points since i last checked in:

attacking paper piles in the dining room! this is a big deal. they have been a source of stress and mess for years. check out the difference between this now


and that same pile how it was before last week (not a closeup, but off in the corner there).


successful surprise date for rachael! well, it was a surprise up until an hour before. i know this is shocking to all, but apparently toddlers can't keep secrets. i know, what? i told willa that her babysitter, sonny, would be coming soon, when we were out of rachael's earshot. then willa ran to rachael and said, 'sonny's coming!' and rachael said, 'oh, no, baby, not today.' and willa burst into tears. and i felt like a terrible person. so i confessed the plan and we reassured the baby and all was well.

i took rachael out for a lovely, calm brunch at a place in our neighborhood called duo. YUM. would do again. then we went to my favorite nail salon (eco-conscious and un-smelly! relatively) and we both had pedis and she also had a mani. now unless things take much longer than expected, she will have cute toes for birth times! :)

we picked up some sushi on the way home and willa was already napping when we got there. lovely mini date.

also, i gave her a card that i actually took a while to think about and write in, a headband to wear during labor and these earrings, which a absolutely love on her:


and on thursday, i did very little from my lists and instead took willa to the zoon with [profile] thetankisclean and her kids. willa loooooved it. it was totally worth forgetting the lists for a morning. here are some pics:


willa loves penguins - inspired particularly by her gay penguin book. she loves that book so much that she named her new baby doll silo after one of the gay penguins.


gus and charlie got sno cones and willa mooched off of them. there she's getting fed by charlie and here by gus -


we're trying to find the picture we took at this same spot last year. she was soooo much smaller then. anyway. that's our big girl. still not as tall as a polar bear.

ok, so here are all my gigantic lists...

things accomplished since monday:
-lots of flossing
-daily maintenance of house
-talking to willa about new baby
-cleaning all the things
-answering most e-mail (inbox has bounced back, though, and must do again)
-figuring out adoption stuff
-drop off conference receipts
-some meals planned and groceries purchased
-built drawers for bedroom
-sorted baby's clothes into the drawers
-did ALL THE LAUNDRY (and of course there's already more to do)
-gathered all birth supplies into semi-tidy area
-sorted through paper piles in dining room!
-home visit with midwife
-proof read legal doc
-got rachael a present
-planned and executed surprise date for rachael
-filled out and dropped off permissions for willa to be picked up by other people from daycare (during labor)
-packed a bag for willa for labor
-packed our just-in-case hospital bag
-ordered a new birth tub/related supplies
-brought car seat up from basement, installed bases in cars
-brought up last baby stuff from basement
-planned what to have around for food during labor
-finished moses basket rocker
-organized bedroom for new baby
-emailed parents about communication during labor
-refolded all the clothes in the bedroom.

things meant to accomplish that aren't done yet:
-reasonable bedtimes
-drop off conference check
-finish new baby's lullaby
-get rid of stupid things in the kitchen that we don't need
-clear off back porch and bring stuff to basement
-finish birth announcement e-mail list
-churrrrrrrch worrrrrrrrrrrrrrk. there is much to do. there is little time.

to do this week:
-fix car seat in civic
-contact suzy about willa during birth. finalize willa plans.
-figure out how to get medical power of attorney for unborn child witnessed and notarized
-plan meals for the week
-make a meal for daycare people
-buy groceries for this week and for labor times
-read up on family docs and choose favorites
-write up willa's routines for her overnight bag
-take stella to the vet
-plan saturday date
-clean out the freezer
-pump extra milk to freeze and send with willa during labor
-finish off the last little paper piles
-cook and freeze soup for labor helpers
-clean out mail sorter in living room
-mail willa's old clothes to friends
-sort through bin of new baby 0-3 clothes, etc

so now i need to figure out which things to do on which days and what i'm doing today. that will be a separate post. and then i need to do those things.

oh, wow. this is relevant to nothing but i just opened FB and there's a post from the baby-birth-parenting place that's near us where i have gone for a million kids of help. we went to this nurse-in time thing they had on saturday where people gathered there then walked over to an ice cream place and all nursing moms got an ice cream. very sweet. but holy moly, there is my boob on facebook. i was not expecting that.
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