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ok so, want to see for yourself?



the kitchen. i'm weeping a little. the thing about the kitchen is that i clean it to a really good state every day or two. it takes about 10 minutes for it to look like this again. and hours to get it back in shape. sigh. it's a constant battle. but I'M GOING TO FUCKING WIN THE WAR.




the dining room. blerg. the table doesn't look so bad but that's only because i hid piles of paper when some people were coming over. the birth supplies gathered by the windows are just going to be there for a while. the bassinet will go in our bedroom when there's room/a baby to sleep in it. willa's things piled on the bookcase need to be put away. the tower of paper crap haunts my dreams.



the living room. in general, this could be a lot worse. it won't take much to put some things away and tidy up the couch, etc. willa's toys are invasive, but i want them to be there for her. there's no space in her room. the box on the chair is stuff we have to mail. the laundy basket has stuff we need to get rid of. these things are holding us back. and someone just returned that baby swing to us and i have no idea where to put it.



the bedroom. including what i think of as the wall of shame. when those clothes are nicely folded and the laundry is under control, it's not so bad. but my shelf of jewelry piles has been a disaster for years. i will deal with that someday, but not soon. unmade bed. crap on floor. disorganized storage bins. messy closet. it's too small a space for any clutter to feel ok.



the bathroom. decent shape, the bathroom. we're going to replace the molding bathmat, which fills me with joy. and i want to deal with the pileup of willa's toys, etc under and around the bathtub.



willa's room. not too bad, really. the stuff on her changing table and on the stairs i bugging me and we're behind on her diaper and other laundry. and i'm thinking about taking down the mesh thing above her bed because it tickled my head and we're not using it much. also her shelves are cluttered.


the back porch. temporary home of the recently dismantled crib, the shelf we just took out of the kitchen, the double stroller, the play table we don't have a place for anymore... etc.


me. i have not showered and it's 10:43. my hair is all fluffy from being pulled at, making it unlikely i will leave the house until it's dealt with. comfy clothes. no bra. i am feeling not so put together.


bonus for having looked at all that (or just scrolling by). willa with berry face, reading EW on the potty.
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