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i started taking celexa this morning. even though last night i picked up all the paper work and saw the sticker that says, "breastfeeding is not recommended while using this medicine." and. i am doing that. breastfeeding. this is happens when you e-mail your doc saying, hey, can i have some celexa and she says, sure, bro, here's a scrip. some internet research (that's always accurate, right?) has eased my mind about it and i'm just going ahead, but. i really wish there was, like, any accurate info about breastfeeding in the medical world.

speaking of. we saw our midwife this morning. it was a slightly annoying visit, but i won't go into it. i generally really like her, i just think sometimes she doesn't think all the way through the things she says. she won that context in the interview process. the runner up at one point said, "when you give birth, you really become a mother." to rachael. a mother of a child to whom she did not give birth. there's a lot of that bullshit out there. a lot.

this morning, willa stayed in bed longer than rach and i did. when she woke, we went in to her and she sat up and peered around groggily and pointed at the comforter, "this." yes, flowers, we said. "that," she said pointing at the pillow. pillow, we said. then we pointed out buster who had just come over and she made a squeak of delight and crawled over to him. can you imagine waking up that way? discovery! joy!

i was looking back at the 'week in the life' photos i did back in march of 2012 and it was fascinating (to me). life with a 6 month old is very different from life with a 19-month old. thank goodness. so... i'm going to do it again. i think i'll start on sunday. if nothing else, it's a really fun way for me to remember what life is like during these crazy times.

but before i start that, i'll do a little photo dump of some recent shots. here's my baby now -

willa likes a cup of joe. not really. that was my coffee. and don't worry, it was empty. :)

in the church nursery after services. i was trying to make the same face she made.

a nap with buster. they do that kind of a lot. he even slept in her crib with her for an entire night once.

a window picnic with her bestie, cora.

we have an embarrassing amount of clothing for this baby, but this dress is one of my favorite items.

carrying a sleeping baby in from the car is one of my favorite things in all of life, ever.

if she didn't sleep so adorably, i would be able to stop posting pics of it.

look at my big girl washing her hands!

she loves going to the park and playing on these things.

hanging out in a dress grandma bought her in hungary, eating some raisins. i think she looks so much like me when i was a baby in this pic.

is she not the most beautiful sleeping baby you've ever seen? i thought so.

one more on his way!

i'll post some videos soon, too. as soon as i figure out a non-annoying way to rotate them.

oh, and also, you should tell me awesome names for boys. we're totally stuck.
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