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so. i have been consuming holmes fan media for weeks now. it's time to share. and if there are things you think are missing from this list, TELL ME PLEASE. :)

your ex-lover's dead by [profile] misread_. if this vid doesn't rip your heart out, you probably don't have one. the saddest thing about it to me is that it's totes true to canon. hoooolllmes! :(

fever by [personal profile] talitha78. i think everyone's seen this by now but it's good to have on hand as a peppy antidote to the first vid.

NSFW. holmes and watson in a chair by [profile] laurazel.

NSFW. holmes and watson on a bed by [profile] laurazel.

fanmix by [profile] lamentalone
haven't downloaded and listened to this one yet, but it looks interesting. though obviously the song red is really about merlin and arthur. duh.

consequences by [profile] liotsuki
also haven't tried this one out yet.

these flickering moods by [profile] zarah5. this one i have listened to, quite a bit. it's true enough to the movie that is pretty seriously angsty. and some of the songs are really impressive fits - in lyrics and in overall sound. recommended.

(you could be my) unintended by [profile] lastling. ok, i haven't listened to this one yet either, but this one is also a picspam and a fic and it led to the tragically awesome vid listed above.


a silly phase by [profile] zarah5. characters turning into children is not really my thing but this is pretty freaking cute.

scientific inquiry by sasha_davidovna. holmes needs to know about sex. for science, you see. (holmes/adler, holmes/watson)

hard to look so easy by [personal profile] giddygeek. ficlet on the prompt: Watson is impressed by someone else (another detective, a better violinist, etc etc) and Holmes is super annoyed and gets competitive. love the idea and love the execution.

the things we say with our hands by [personal profile] ariadnes_string. lovely, short, h/c fic. watson's war injury(ies) comes in so handy for these h/c fics.

the maiden voyage of the tiresias by [personal profile] astolat. involves some cross-dressing. completely awesome.

this day to the ending of the world by [profile] candle_beck. an h/w origin story that contradicts the book canon but is extremely well done.

a little vanilla is good for the soul by [personal profile] toestastegood. "With any other person Holmes would no doubt have grown bored by this point."

time is the best doctor by [profile] toestastgood. sweet and dirty.

scientific inquiry (different from the other one by that title) FIC+ART by [personal profile] lizardspots and [personal profile] longleggedgit. short, sweet, adorable, nice, semi-worksafe art.

katie forsythe's fic:
all her holmes fic is here and i haven't encountered one yet that i don't like. all book canon, as far as i know. it's a little hard to square these characters up to the movie characters, mostly because of just how devoted her watson is - not that he doesn't get annoyed and angry, just not in the same eye-rolly, he's-such-a-pain-in-my-ass way as movie watson. but i love her versions of these characters. and these are my particularly favorites -

full of grace. i think i don't want to read established relationship fics and then i do it anyway and sometimes it's awesome like this. this fic deals with oscar wilde's case and how it touched holmes and watson's world. the ending it so lovely and romantic i can barely stand it.

four minor interludes for the solo violin. long, satisfying, first-time romanciness. i'm absolutely convinced of them falling in love with each other in this and it's kind of hard to remember that it's not actual canon. followed by hallowed be thy name - even longer.

undiscovered country - h/c fic like awesome.

an april journey - they figure things out on a train. :)

eh, just read them all. pretty sure you can't go wrong.

several nc-17 linked by [personal profile] foxxcub - i totally second these recs:

annoying little things. includes NSFW art. i totally believe this holmes. fits in perfectly with movie canon and in that way is pretty heartbreaking.

the art of balancing by [profile] shockselectric. i believe these characters too and ugggghhhh, the heartbreak. why is the movie canon so evil? did i say evil? i must have meant awesome. wait, no, i meant evil.

unconventional cures by [personal profile] toestastegood. whew, this one is... rough. WARNING FOR DUB CON. and all around painfulness.

an interesting little problem by cimorene. hot and just the kind of sweet i believe they would be - particular in the pre-'09 movie canon.

page of recs and links to various authors's works. pre-'09 movie

archive/recs page - pre-'09 movie

some good picspam, gifs, recs, etc in here. mostly '09 movie canon.

youtube clip. jude law wants you to know that it's not a bromance, it's a romance.

the mysterious case of the marginally gayer alternate reality by [personal profile] longleggedgit. cracktastic picspam/story. love it.
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